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Friday, February 13, 2009 
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At the elegant Titan HQ, Brady would like to know where Miss
Melanie is. Ruthless Phil declares he has fired her! Brady is clearly
not impressed. Phil brings him up to speed on her illegal shenanigans. Brady is still not impressed. He feels she was pushed too far by the powers that be.
- Meanwhile, said felonista is at the Cheatin Heart, trying to convince big bro Max to give her the copy of the blueprints Nick sent him just in case. Max says no way no how! That is his copy. And she is out leagued with the DiMeras and Kiriakises anyway. Mel, however, fails to see it that way. When he steps away for a moment, she has a peek at the envelope. Max returns and chides her. Exit Mel, without the blueprints, though she has seen the formula.
- At the convent, Rafe is with crying baby Grace and nervously picks her up. Enter Sami, who is curious what he is doing. Rafe admits he has no idea what he is doing! Sami quiets Grace down. They talk. Sami still misses her other children and complains about Nicole, adding that if EJ knew Sami had had his baby, Nicole would certainly be out of the picture. Rafe wonders why she does not simply inform EJ, in that case. He seems to be of the opinion she is worried EJ
might wind up with both Grace and Nicole. Sami denies it and gets annoyed. Rafe gets sarcastic.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole is attending to baby Sydney when EJ enters, and hopes she will not be angry at him for his latest decision. He proudly shows her an article in the paper, announcing that they will be married on March 18. Nicole is dismayed he did so without checking with her first. And she would need a few weeks more than that for her wedding planning. EJ agrees. He also generously gives
her a ten thousand dollar check to get the perfect wedding dress and takes baby Sydney upstairs. Nicole now calls Brady. Can he meet her at the pier? Tis important! Once Nicole is gone, Melanie shows up at the mansion to see EJ. She states she has information that could destroy Titan. Is he interested? In addition, she pretends she has the blueprints, but Elvis quickly realizes she does not. Furthermore, he knows all about her firing. Mel asks him to give her a pencil and paper, and claims she is smart enough to remember the science he seeks from memory. She writes down what she claims is half of the formula, boasting of her photographic memory. EJ considers. What about the rest of the formula? She would need an advance. He
seems to agree and lets her know he will be in touch after he has it checked out.
- Back at Titan, Steph gives Phil the brush off. She finds his behavior downright scary. Phil stands close and points out he is not Max and besides, he thinks she loves him just the way he is. Steph wants a
kind hearted man. Phil doubts it. He thinks she is not such a nice girl anyway. Steph gives him the brush off when he asks her for lunch, unimpressed by his bad boy routine.
- Out in the cold, Nicole meets Brady with the ten thousand dollars she borrowed from him. She admits she is not certain she has heard the last of blackmailing Baker, however. Brady believes Baker has
too much to lose to continue to bother her. Nicole mentions Sami again and hastily covers up. She admits she has not told Brady everything, states she can take care of her life, and departs. Concerned Brady places a call to Nico, Victor's most trusted henchman. Can he find out where one Dr. Baker is at right this moment? Brady later finds Baker, who remembers him as Nicole's pal. Brady confronts the doc about blackmailing Nicole, grabs him
by the scruff of the neck, and threatens to break his neck if he
doesn't back off!
- Meanwhile, Nicole heads back to DiMera mansion and makes a catty comment as Mel leaves. Mel makes a comment right back!  Alone with EJ, Nicole pretends she was unable to find a wedding dress yet and will need to get organized for their big day. 
- At the pub, Phil follows Stephanie and tells her he is insecure
when he cares about someone as much as he cares about her. She reconsiders. They have lunch together and kiss. Enter Mel. She
walks over to ex-boss Phil and tries to make nice.
- Back at the convent, Sami comes across EJ and Nicole's big wedding announcement in the daily paper and reads the article, frowning in dismay. "Nicole had a daughter on the same day that I had Grace?!" She is incensed. And perhaps she should stop that wedding! Then again, perhaps Nicole will self-destruct without her help. She tells Grace she will do what is best for her. Rafe listens.
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ must step away to take care of some biz, but when he returns, he promises dahling, they will plan their big day together. All seems right with Nicole's world and she is visibly pleased. Her phone now rings. Tis Mia. She knows Nicole said never to call again, but they need to talk. "It's about my baby ..."
Nicole's eyes are filled with worry.

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Bo advises Hope they will have to talk about it at some point.
"Maybe not for a long time. Maybe never!" Hope retorts

Max, I shouldn't have to spell this out for you.
You should just know.


Phil wonders if Mel has done something. "Me?" she innocently replies.
Nicole warns Brady to drop it. "No. Tell me what happened now!"

Thursday, February 12, 2009


At the Kiriakis mansion, replay of Vic catching Brady handing Nicole cash from the safe. He demands to know what is going on! The pair stare. Brady says he was getting money for Nicole. Why? Brady says that is private. "So is my safe!" the Greek tycoon growls. And he suspects she has a scheme she does not want the DiMeras to know about. He will not have Brady dragged into it and orders her to tell him right now what she needs the money for. Brady says he will. He owed her money. Nicole gets sarcastic. Vic gets stern. Brady steps in and makes up a story about borrowing money from Nicole. "I am paying her back." Vic is doubtful. He will not allow her to take that money. Brady warns that if that is the case, he will leave with her.
He tells Nicole to leave. She does. Victor is livid. Brady points out he could not have come to him for a loan. Vic does not deny he does
not trust him. Brady defends himself. He works hard to stay off the drugs but he cannot feel comfortable with Vic as long as Vic does
not tolerate any disagreement. Brady feels if Vic does not have faith
in him, perhaps he should not work for him. Vic warns him Nicole is no one's friend and alludes to the fact that she has no soul. Brady needs to know if he trusts him or not. He repeats the story about Nicole lending him money. Vic suspects he is too involved with
Nicole and insults her. Brady exits and advises him to trust him.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ leaves an angry voice message for Nicole. Enter Doctor Baker. The doc explains he is there to check up on the baby. The baby is fine, says EJ. The doc then wishes to speak with Nicole, to check on her. EJ quips she is not there and advises him to leave his beloved alone anyway! The doc asks if there is a problem. "No, not yet," Master Elvis smiles. But she has her own physician. The doc points out that even baboon fathers can become proprietary over mothers and announces he will show himself out. EJ wonders what he really wanted with Nicole.
- On the pier, downhearted Lucas stops himself from tossing the ring in the river. Chilled Kate now appears and she has been looking everywhere for him. What happened to Chloe? Lucas gets impatient as he wishes to be left alone. Kate asks again. "Chloe dumped me!" Lucas laments. Kate wonders what the hell he said to her. He should apologize. Lucas gets defensive. He has no idea what the problems is and will not discuss this with his mother. Perhaps Chloe got cold feet. "Maybe she just doesn't want to be married to me,Ē he laments. Kate assures him they will find her and fix whatever the problem is. No, says Lucas, it is his life. And he did not realize she was unhappy. He blames himself. Kate, however, thinks her illness and having to deal with Ally might have proven too much. Lucas repeats she was unhappy and he did not know it. He was not good enough for her.
- Chez Daniel, anxious Chloe is now in his apartment. She needs to leave and he must come with her. He asks her what is up. She told Lucas they were through. Dan notes she is not particularly happy. Chloe feels guilty about having lied and sneaking around. She fesses up she did not tell Lucas the reason why she broke their engagement, yet she is sure Maggie will, and she does not want to be in town when he finds out. Dan refuses to leave town. They settle on the sofa for a drink and he praises her for making a decision today. She just wants to go but he cannot agree. He wants her to do things for herself, not him. Also, they should not run away like they have done something wrong. She should take a breath. Lucas' world is not going to end. Dan is now paged by Kate. Chloe says she feel stupid for asking him to run away as people need him. "I need you," he whispers. Why doesnít she stay there tonight? Chloe isn't sure that is a good idea. They kiss. Dan now heads for the hospital after telling her she has done the right thing. Chloe sits back down, feeling guilty and uncertain.
- At Titan, Mel happily prints the fuel blueprint but is stopped by an angry Phil. "You have just made a very big mistake," the Kiriakis heir declares. He takes the blueprint and reminds her of the injunction.
Mel calls him a jerk. Phil shreds the copy. He calls her predictable. And she was caught on the security camera, he taunts. She has now committed a crime and could go to prison. She counters with talk of Titan stock that will plummet if she tells her sad story of being taken advantage of by the big bad Titan. Phil asks one good reason for him not to call the cops. She says he does not want the bad publicity and she also thinks he does not want her to go! Is there another way they can solve their differences? Phil smiles and has security show her out as she is no longer an employee. In addition, he wants her arrested if she ever returns to the premises! Mel curses him and says he cannot do this. He suggests she get going "while I'm in a forgiving mood." "One of these days I am gonna wipe that smug smile of your face," she retorts, warns the guard not to touch her, and walks out. "Have
a lovely evening!" Phil calls after her.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Max talks to Nick on the phone. Yes, he has received the copy and Mel is doing good and Nick should stop worrying ... Mel later storms in, trashing Phil for the injunction. Max suspects there is more to it. She says there might be a video. Max hopes she did not pull a Paris Hilton. No, but she may have hacked into his computer for the blueprints before he threw her out. "You should be grateful he didnít throw you in prison!" Max exclaims. Mel says her and Phil - this thing is now personal. Big bro Max shows her the crown jewels - a copy of said blueprints sent to him by none other than Nick. Mel is gleeful. "Oh Phillip, you are not gonna know what hit you!"
- Back at Kiriakis mansion, Phil boasts to papa Vic how he caught Melanie red handed. The Greek tycoon is impressed until he hears Phil did not have her arrested. He blows up. Phil points out having
the security footage puts them in a more powerful position, without the bad publicity. Vic is exasperated. "I think you and I basically disagree on the definition of nailing her!" Phil grins and disagrees.
Mel is money grubbing trash. And she has nothing on them. Nothing. Vic, however, appears concerned.
- At the hospital, Dan rushes up to Kate. Is she alright?  She is fine.
It is nothing medical. She needed a friend to talk to and is so worried about Lucas. They discuss. Dan thinks it is a good thing it ended
now ... Kate thinks the opposite. And what might have happened to break it all apart?
- On the pier, Brady comes across Lucas on a bench. He is thinking and excuses himself when Brady mentions Chloe. Chloe happens by and asks what Lucas said to him. She hopes he is alright. Brady asks what is going on. She cannot talk about it anymore. And what is Brady doing there? He usually catches a meeting at St Mike's and
has a half hour to kill, to decompress. He senses she could use some decompressing herself. She sits down and remembers how simple the old days were. He agrees. "One day at a time," says he. She cannot wait until this day is over. He offers her his shoulder to lean on and says all they have to do is worry about tomorrow.
- Back at DiMera mansion, Nicole arrives carrying a shopping bag. "Where the hell have you been!" Elvis thunders. And what was so important that she was compelled to leave her newborn baby
daughta! Nicole shows him the apnea monitor she bought so they
will know if she ever stops breathing again. Elvis is sorry. Nicole acts indignant. They later spend time in the living room, after Nicole has hooked it up. He is sorry again. She admits she should have told him where she was going. He says he has not been himself. They discuss being parents. She gets close. They are about to kiss when her cell rings. He reaches in her purse for it. Nicole panics. "EJ, no!" She grabs the phone and pretends she is planning a surprise. She explains she needs some rest and sends EJ up to check on Sydney. She will
be up soon and fibs she just has to put something in her trunk. Elvis goes upstairs. Nicole now opens the front door, where Doc Baker stands. She is mad he just texted her. "I had to let you know I was
out here, didn't I ... Now, do you have something for me?" She
hands him the cash. The doc sarcastically commends her for having
it all and leaves. Nicole vows she will not lose it "no matter what"
and hastily shuts the door ...

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"You thought you fell in love with someone else, but you didn't.
That was me, and I don't think you want me to change," Phil tells Steph.

Could you come back for the blueprints.
I really need 'em, Max. You have to help me.
Not on your life!

Sami reads Nicole and EJ's engagement announcement in the
paper. "Nicole had a daughter on the same day that I had Grace?!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Still at their secret meeting, EJ and Mel talk prototypes. She wants Phil to die, asks EJ? No, says Mel, but EJ places a call on his cell
anyway, pretending he has put a hit on Phil. After all, she did say ELIMINATE. Mel did not mean that. She sees he is putting her on. "Why would you scare me like that?" "Because I can. You would do well not to forget that," murmurs Master Elvis. He has a solution
that does not involve homicide. Though she might not like it. She is
all ears. The DiMera side would need to see the blueprints of the prototype, to make certain it is not all poppycock. She admits she does not have a copy. "It would be enormously helpful," purrs EJ. Mel considers. Perhaps it will not be a problem. "Good," he states
and arrogantly strolls away.
- At Chez Rouge, Phil would like to know where him and Steph
stand. They sit and discuss. She points out that when her mom met her dad, he was working for Vic and was not a good man either. Kay thinks they should break up, but Steph cannot do it. She loves him. They kiss.
Maggie hurries over to Daniel and orders him to stay away from Chloe. "Let her have this time with Lucas." The tormented doc
retorts "It is none of your business."
Stefano seeks out a scowling Victor and brings up the injunction but Vic will not mix business with displeasure. "Surely that is not the way you want to play it," claims the phoenix. The law is the law, explains Vic. Stefano states he does not follow the rules of the law. The tension between the tycoons is thick. "May the best man win!" concludes the phoenix. Exit Stefano. Enter late Brady, who missed
the entire event. Vic is annoyed to hear he has been with Nicole and calls him naÔve. "She tried to kill me!" Vic reminds him. Brady complains her baby was unwell ... he cannot shut her out. Vic warns
in that case, certain doors may be shut to him and excuses himself.
Kissing Phil and Steph soon see they are the only ones left in the restaurant and start to dance. They then decide to go play pool at the Cheatin Heart. She walks off to freshen up. Maggie the matchmaker flounces over, happy to have helped. Has Phil heard from Lucas?
No. Concerned Maggie hopes he is okay and departs. Derek, the guy who handed Mel the injunction, arrives. Phil pays him. Derek says he doesn't like to make a beautiful girl squirm. Phil snickers it did not bother him a bit. Mad Steph watches at a distance. When the guy is gone, Steph accuses Phil of trying to ambush Mel. He states he is
just looking out for the best interests of Titan. Righteous Steph now tells him goodbye and walks away.
- At the pier, Lucas wants answers from his bride-to-be. "Talk to
me, please." They have a wedding date so what changed? Chloe remembers her passion with Dan and cries she loves Lucas so the
best thing she can do is walk away. Lucas starts to lose his patience. She says she has broken the heart of every man she has ever cared about. He insists she will not break her heart. "I already have," she laments. Her cell rings. Tis Daniel. Lucas wonders who is calling
her. "Nobody," she replies and closes her phone, crying as he tells
her he has never loved anyone like her. She says she is a horrible person. He calls her sweet. "I am not who you think I am! You
don't know what I have done!" she cries. What has she done, Lucas asks. She insists she knows what is best for him. He looks at her suspiciously as she hands him back the ring. She is so sorry and
walks away. Lucas looks at the ring and sighs. He walks along the snowy pier and appears ready to cry.
- At DiMera mansion, Dr. Baker waltzes in and mentions Sami's baby. If Nicole wishes to keep things they way they are, she will do exactly as he says! Nicole gets nasty. The doc reminds her she
started the blackmail. He has got nothing to lose. "How about your life?" she sneers. He warns her that if the DiMeras find out she has crossed them, there will be hell to pay! Nicole tells him of the latest medical emergency and how much she cares about Sydney. She now tries to kick Baker out. He flat out refuses to leave. He needs ten thousand in cash and he will be back to collect on it. He departs. Nicole whips out her cell. "Hi, it's me. I really need your help!"
- At the hospital, Dan visits Kayla in her room. She teases him about not being on the auction block for the charity bash. Kay likes him and remarks he seems lonely. Dan denies it. She concludes that there is someone in his life. She is happy about that. Maybe they will see him smile again. Dan looks uncomfortable.
- At Kiriakis mansion, Brady opens the door to Nicole. How is Sydney? It was just reflux, she will be ok, but Baker wants money
she does not have. She needs his help! This is about an innocent
child. She begs him not to turn his back on Sydney. How much, he asks. Ten grand. Brady cannot access his funds at present. "What about Titan?" she asks. He refuses to embezzle or borrow from
Titan. She begs and promises this will be the last time. He advises
her to tell EJ the truth before she gets more attached to Sydney. Nicole gets mad. Sydney is her life and she saved her! She goes on. "Do you really think that Sami ..." Brady gets suspicious. "What does Sami have to do with this?" She covers. And what would happen to Sydney if she told EJ the truth? Mia is in Japan. Where would she
go? Nicole might get tossed in prison. She moans and argues her case some more. Brady complains about Vic's disgust that he is her friend, so he cannot ask him for the money. Nicole starts to leave. Brady stops her. He has a hard time saying no and does not wish to see her unhappy. "Yes, Nicole, I will help you." They embrace.
- Back at DiMera mansion, EJ pours himself a drink as Stefano asks about Miss Layton. Did she take the bait? "Hook, line, and sinker," Elvis chuckles. Stefano does not trust Miss Layton, whom he has heard is out of control. They toast and drink up. EJ leaves to feed
the baby and is surprised when Maid Mary informs him Nicole is out.
- Meanwhile, at the dark Titan office, Mel tries to hack into Phil's computer. What is his password ...? All of a sudden the computer locks and goes beep beep beep. Security breech alert! She calls IT
and tells them it was a false alarm. She continues to try passwords. Stephanie? No. She decides to log in and use administrator, giggling that EJ is so gonna thank her.
- Chez Dan, Chloe shows up at his door, a bundle of nerves. "Run away with me tonight!" she implores.
- Back at Kiriakis mansion, Brady opens Vic's safe, certain the great Kiriakis is at a hospital meeting. Nicole waits. Brady removes a wad of cash and hands it to her. She hugs him. All of a sudden  the Greek tycoon appears. "What the hell is going on here?" he growls.

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Mel informs Max "At first, it was about the money, but now, Phillip and me, itís personal."
"Chloe dumped me!" Lucas laments to Kate, who asks what the hell he said to her!
"You're going to tell me right now what you need that money for,"
Vic barks at Nicole. "She doesnít have to," Brady interrupts. "I will."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


At the hospital, Nicole laments everything is her fault. She is close
to telling Elvis all about her misdeeds when Lexie appears. Sydney
is fine, they just need to run a few tests to find out what caused the apnea. They will also need to know the mother's medical history. Nicole cringes. What kind of info does she need? Lexie states the apnea might be related to asthma. Nicole says there is no such
history in her family. Lexie brings up SIDS. EJ recalls Sami used to
be worried about that. Nicole nervously asks why. EJ shrugs his shoulders. Perhaps it ran in her family. Nicole now proceeds to collapse. EJ catches her! Moments later, Nicole is seated with EJ at her side. Stefano storms in and demands to know what Nicole, that "irresponsible idiot" has done to his granddaughter! EJ rushes to dahling's defense and advises him not to be cruel. The last thing the baby needs is shouting. Lexie returns. It was no more than minor reflux. She can easily tell them how to prevent it in the future. The happy parents go off to see Sydney. Stefano mutters there is something wrong. "That Nicole, she's a schemer born and bred!" Lexie disagrees. Stefano insists there is something nefarious with
that woman and he will find out what it is! Lexie lectures him for insulting Nicole. He states perhaps he overreacted. He will apologize. Lexie smiles and then gets back to work. The phoenix frowns.
Nicole later holds her baby and whispers "Mommy's secret is gonna be safe - forever." Unbeknownst to her, EJ is a few feet away, observing. He shows himself and asks what his two girls were talking about. Just girl stuff, says she. He has the release papers so they
may go home. He feels blessed to have Nicole in his life. She says he will always have her. They depart together .
- Meanwhile, Dan checks out Kayla. She thinks the hospital charity should auction off a date with him - Salem's most eligible bachelor.
He is not keen on that and denies he is romantically involved before departing. Enter Steph. Kayla sees she is glum. "What is it? Is it Phillip?" Indeed. Steph thinks it is over between them. He is like Victor. Too ruthless! Kayla recalls she once said the same thing
about Patch. When she met him, he was something of a bad guy. Steph thinks Kayla's love turned him around. However, she is not sure Phil is like that. Kayla thinks she is right to want someone she can respect. She does not believe Phil is the right guy for her anyway.
- At Kiriakis mansion, Phil opens the door to Chloe. She is there to see Lucas and Kate. He notes she looks like she has been crying. He is going to the Chez Rouge charity benefit. Chloe wonders what happened to Steph. Phil scowls and leaves. Chloe then enters thru some grand doors to join Kate and Lucas. Lucas asks where she has been. She remembers Dan! Lucas and Kate now mention Valentine's Day as the ideal choice for the Lucas/Chloe wedding. Victor happens by and warns them to hold off. "Week after never would be perfect!" They try to ignore him. Chloe agrees on the date. She and Lucas kiss on it. Vic quietly tells Kate she should see thru Chloe. He does not believe there will be a wedding!
- At Horton house, Phil arrives for a visit with Mel. What is she
doing, he wants to know. He accuses her of wanting to take the
patent cos he is involved with Steph. "How hot do you think you
are!" she teases. He retorts his relationship with Steph has ended. "Over what?" "You," he replies. She thought he was treating Mel
badly. Phil goes on. She was right. "I was a jerk." Mel understands
his position. All he cares about is her patents, not her. Phil murmurs
if she takes those patents to the DiMeras, she will lose the only thing she really wants. Him! She gets sarcastic and then serious. What if
she told him the deal with the DiMeras was done? Just what would
he do to get that patent back? Phil scoffs. If that were true, she
would be out buying expensive stuff. She fesses up. Ok, the deal is not done, but "you always want what you can't have." He can leave now, she adds. There is a knock at the door. Mel opens it and is handed an injunction that prevents her from taking the patent out
of Titan. Phil grins that he has won. "This round," she quips. "But
not the war!" She declares she hates him. "You're stuck with me, pumpkin," he finishes and takes his leave.
- At Chez Rouge, glam Kate arrives for the charity event. Maggie
notes she is beaming. Kate informs her Lucas and Chloe will wed on Valentine's Day. Can Maggie oversee the catering? Maggie says no,
as that is her own anniversary. Glam Chloe and suited Lucas walk
up. The red head offers her congrats. Lucas goes off to help Kate with her speech. Alone with Chloe, Maggie wonders if Daniel knows about her upcoming wedding date. Chloe insists they are over and
she is marrying Lucas! Chloe and Lucas later share a dance as Vic
and Dan walk in. When she spies Dan, Chloe stiffens. Dan stares, tormented. Eventually all gather to hear Kate's speech. She praises
the hospital and praises Dr. Dan as well as Chloe for saving her. Maggie then gets down to business. They have some items up for
bid at the back of the dining rom. Silent auction time! Dan stares at Chloe. She stares back and walks off. Stefano arrives and wonders why "Katherine" did not put herself up for auction. The phoenix says he would have made a bid! How about he calls and invites Kate out for a date? She hesitates. "What do you say if you pick up the phone and give me a call when you are free?" Kate promises to think it
over. Maggie soon opens a $100,000 anonymous donation in honor
of Kate's courage. The camera focuses on Vic and Stefano. Maggie then announces Lucas has donated one thousand dollars so they can hear Chloe sing a love song. Victor makes a snarky comment. Dan gets annoyed and tells him to shut up about Chloe. Victor remarks he must care about her. "God there's something going on between you two." Dan is fed up with his insinuations. Vic warns him Chloe is trouble and poor Lucas has already set a Valentine's day wedding. Dan's face falls. Chloe sings about love as we see EJ and Nicole arriving home. Back at Chez Rouge, Chloe sings away she never knew she could love like this and Dan is mesmerized. "I never felt
the way I feel tonight," she croons. "It's like I've waited for you my whole life ..."  Lucas smiles, standing before her. Chloe finishes.
Dan stands up and passionately applauds. All follow. Phil sidles up to Victor. "Everything is taken care of." Chloe looks at Dan and rushes out. Lucas follows her. Dan calls her and leaves her a concerned
voice mail, adding that he loves her.
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole tucks Sydney into her basinet and cuddles with EJ on the sofa. His cell rings. He must takes this. It is Melanie. He stood her up! He is sorry. Mel retorts his dragging his feet might have cost him the fuel project and she needs to see him right now!  Nicole whispers to her baby they are home free. EJ is soon gone. Nicole walks by the grand DiMera staircase. Ding dong! Doc Baker calling! "What the hell do you want!" she snaps.
- At the pier, Mel meets with EJ, who warns sweetheart she does not call the shots. She, however, has heard how the DiMeras do business and she wants him to solve her problem, She wants him to eliminate Phillip!
- Meanwhile, at Chez Rouge, Vic and Phil discuss Mel. "The fox is back in the cage," the prodigal son murmurs. Victor is proud. Phil promises to be vigilant. Enter Steph. Phil is pleased to see her.
- Elsewhere on the pier. Lucas finds Chloe, who drops a bomb.
"I'm sorry, Lucas," she cries, "but I canít marry you!" Lucas is stunned ...

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Mel thanx EJ as she knew she could count on him. "I wouldn't be thanking me just yet, if I were you," says he.
Doc Baker warns Nicole he has nothing to lose. "How about your life!" she retorts.
"You are not going after her," Maggie tells Dan, who replies it is
none of her business.
Lucas tries to convince Chloe she is the sweetest ... "No!" she cries. "I'm not who you think I am!"

Monday, February 9, 2009


- At the convent, Rafe sneaks out while Sami sleeps. She mumbles
his name and keeps sleeping. When she is up, she gasps to Sister Theresa he is not there. The nun explains he was called in by his
boss for a meeting. Sami is not a happy camper. Rafe is always
there for her and takes care of her. She has gotten used to him.
- Chez Bo, Abe wants to hear about the shooting. Bo thinks he blew it. Abe disagrees. "You're a hero." Bo thinks he let down the woman he loves by betraying her. He fills in Abe on the vision he concealed from Hope. He had assumed it was not correct and therefore did not tell her. Now Hope will not speak to him. Visions, says Abe? Bo explains he also had visions of Theo, which saved him, yet he did
not understand or share this one. Abe points out Bo just did not want to alarm Hope. Perhaps he should tell her that.
- At the hospital, Hope sadly asks Kayla to forgive her. Kay gives
her a hug. "Of course I forgive you." Hope laments she will never
get that moment out of her head. "I wish I had known," she adds.
Kay seems surprised. Hope tells her all about Bo's visions. "He saw what was gonna happen, he saw the shooting." And he told another person about it too ... Enter Patch. Kayla realizes he is the other
person. Patch asks for a moment alone. Exit Hope. Patch tries to explain. Kayla is miffed. Patch speaks of Bo's confusion. Kayla is
not pleased. Patch admits it was stupid but he will make it up to her. Should he quit the detective biz? Kayla just wants him to hold her.
He does. Patch and his lady are good again.
- At DiMera mansion, replay of Nicole screaming about the baby. Brady and EJ race in. "She's not breathing!" Nicole cries out. "Somebody do something!" Nobody knows cpr so they head for the hospital.  Sydney is brought into the hospital, crying and gasping for air.  Lexie takes her off for examination. "I can't lose my baby," Nicole whispers. "Not after everything I did to bring her home to
us." EJ consoles his beloved. Brady watches and shakes his head.
Lexie soon returns. Sydney is fine and has been given a ventilator till they find out what is wrong. She heads back. Nicole is beside herself with worry. Her baby must be ok. "She's my life!" EJ continues to console her as Brady watches. When EJ walks off to get her tea, Brady approaches. Nicole tells her pal everything is her fault. Brady thinks she should just focus on the baby. Nicole feels she is being punished. No one is to blame, Brady consoles her. They hug. EJ returns and he looks displeased to see their embrace.
- At Titan, Steph confronts Phil. She heard his convo with Vic and
he is not the guy she thought he was! She heard him say he would bury Mel. He retorts he did not mean it literally. Steph gets righteous. Phil reminds her the project will make Titan millions and he will do what it takes to keep that patent. Steph thinks it is wrong to destroy someone just so Phil can become even "more disgustingly rich." Phil points out Melanie wants to see Titan crash and burn. He is not the bad guy. Steph repeats it was wrong to use the words "bury her."
Phil brings her up to date on the harshness of the corporate world. She makes a snarky comment about the great Victor Kiriakis. Phil informs her they think alike and she is free to walk away anyway.
She calls him a ruthless bastard. He lets her know she can end it if
she wants. She says he has no respect for her. He wonders where
her respect for him is. She states she meant she was falling in love with him but does not want him to hurt anyone. If he does, then they are thru. He says Mel broke their deal and maybe his idea of what is right is different than how Steph sees it. Furthermore, she shouldn't eavesdrop and try to interfere in his life. He does not need someone around who thinks they are better than him, he growls and saunters off. Steph starts to sniffle.
- At the snowy pier, Melanie leaves EJ a voice mail. She complains
he has not returned her messages. Do they not want the project, will they leave it with Titan? Max approaches and he is very curious. "Whatís going on with the fuel project?" She quips she will take it from Titan and give it to the DiMeras. Max gets mad. Why does she always have to screw things up in her life?! "The DiMeras will do right by me,"Ē Mel insists. She claims she no longer cares about the deal with Phil. Max asks what he did. He sees Mel is upset about
Phil choosing Steph over her. But what exactly would she gain from
a bidding war between the DiMera and Kiriakis clans? Besides the money and power. Is she in love with Phil? Mel slurs she is not in love, though Phil is rich and nice to look at. Max concludes Mel
wants Phil to marry her just to keep the project at Titan. He does not believe Phil has feelings for her, however. Mel pauses to remember their kiss. She knows otherwise! What of Stephanie, he asks. Mel is of the opinion that Steph is too school teachery for Phil, while she
has everything he wants! And she will play EJ against Phil. Max does not think she will come out a winner. "EJ is a shark in a suit and Phillip is just as dangerous!" Mel wants Max on her side. He is and warns her she is a minor league player in the major leagues. Mel then informs him if her plan does not work, she will simply take Phil
down. Max still does not think it will work. Mel gets shrill. Max
points out Phil only wants the fuel project but she still thinks she can get what she wants in the process.
- Chez Bo and Hope, Bo tries to surprise her. "What is it?" she scowls. A trip to Hawaii. She whispers she cannot. He thinks she cannot forgive him. "Or myself," she adds. She accuses him of dismissing her feelings. And she made all the wrong decisions. Bo
says she should blame him as he is the one responsible. She recalls there was something he could have done but not anymore. She scratches her head and says she needs to make some changes. She will move in with Doug and Julie for a little while. They are away on
a trip so she will have some time alone and she is taking Ciara. Bo does not understand. Hope yells it is hard on her too and runs
upstairs to pack. She soon comes downstairs with a suitcase. Bo feels she wants to punish him and cannot see straight. Hope then starts to sniffle. He says if she needs to take care of herself, she can go ahead as that is what matters. She mutters she will pick Ciara up and she is sorry. Exit Hope. Frustrated Bo sends stuff flying off the table.
- Back at the convent, Rafe has returned. Sami has taken Grace for
a stroll. The nun tells him Sami was concerned. Rafe replies she will have to get used to him not being around. But for now he will be able to stay as he did not tell his boss everything that happened to him. The nun smiles, noting that he must care about Sami, given how he has just risked his career. Rafe grins. Sami is soon back with Grace and gasps a bunch of questions. Rafe states he fibbed to his boss when he pretended the killer might have had a partner so they could stay a few extra days. Sami gives him a bear hug.
- Back at the hospital, EJ hands Nicole her tea. Brady can go. Brady wishes to stay. EJ wants to know what is going on between them. Brady breathes he is her friend and part of the 12 step program is about being supportive. Exit Brady. EJ calls him a fool. No, says Nicole, "that would be me." Elvis asks what she means. She repeats she is a fool, no good, and ruins all she touches. "I have to tell you everything ...!" she suddenly decides.

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Vic looks at Dan and notes he cares about HER. "God, there's something going on between you two!"
Kayla asks Steph if itís about Phllip. "I think it's over," Steph says glumly.

You and Stephanie broke up.
Over what

As Lexie approaches, EJ asks how Sydney is. "Is our baby gonna live?" Nicole anxiously asks.
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