Which browsers are best for this site?

DaysCafe can be easily viewed in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.
If you use an older browser that does not appear compatible with all the latest sites, you might want to also download Firefox for free (it's very
easy to use).

I have a browser that should be compatible, but on my computer,
I can't see part of the pages.

You might want to increase your computer display resolution., like most websites, is optimized for viewing in
1024x768 resolution.

How can I close the little popup boxes that might appear?
Similar to any other website, when you would like to close them, you
can click on the X.

How come I canít see the latest day ahead page, which the main page
shows is new? is updated daily on weekdays. If your computer keeps showing you an old page that has not been updated, then it sounds like
a browser issue. You might need to refresh the page, clear your computer cache, and/or close and restart your browser so your computer doesn't
keep showing you the older version of the page when the newer one is already there :)

Happy Reading!