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Days of Our Lives Spoilers
October 12-16, 2009
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- Carly's story is revealed with flashbacks, but there
  is yet another person who soon gets involved! 
  Carly admits to Omar she killed Lawrence. He stands by her
  and hides her on his yacht as they make for land so that
  she can safely contact the best person to help her (Bo!)
- Dr. Carly saves a life - Rafe's! Our hero is fished from
  the water with hypothermia and head injuries. She does
  mouth-to-mouth!  But Carly is still in danger - from
  someone on the boat. Rafe to the rescue!
- Vic tells Bo that Kate should be arrested. Bo thinks Vic
  is jealous of Stefano. Vic then shows Bo the paper with
  headlines of Lawrence Alamain's death. Bo hopes Carly is
  alright. Vic advises Bo to forget about Carly and leave her
  in the past! He suggests he reach out to Hope.
- Bo tries to make sense of it all ...
- Lucas wants Chloe to keep away from Aly and vows
  he will never forgive her for what she did to his daughter.
- Mia tells Will why she really broke up with him. And
  she is in love with him.
- Kate tells EJ he is better off without Nicole the lying b*tch
  in his life -  and she should know! He warns her not to speak
  ill of Sydney's mother in his presence.
- Nicole inists to EJ that he is close to Sydney. EJ tells Nicole his
  decision is final - he will not be a party to her lies anymore.
- EJ misses Sydney terribly.
- Sami offers Nicole assistance. Could the
crazy rumor be true?
- Hope and Ciara come home, and there is a brand new problem,
  cos they officially move out!
- Chloe gets the upper hand and tells Kate PAYBACK'S
  A B*TCH!
- Roman has news for Sami and Ari concerning Meredith -
  she has gone AWOL!
- Brady admits to Mel how he helped Nicole.
- Mel informs Ari that Brady is sad ...
- Brady finds out that Ari still cares for him.
- Chad overhears Mia talking about Nicole as the mother
  of her baby and accuses EJ and Nicole of ILLEGAL adoption!
  EJ and Chad learn of Nicole's baby arrangement with Mia.
- EJ tells off Brady for his complicity in Nicole's deception!
- Victor schemes against Chloe!
- Chloe's annulment is finalized.
- Dan and Chloe plan their future!
- Chloe and Daniel are about to - but here comes Victor
  Interruptus! They later get back to what they were doing,
  though ...
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