Days of Our Lives Spoilers
May 18-22, 2009

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- Sami gets in the way of EJ's scheme! She prevents him from
  picking up an important call from the elusive Owen when she
  breaks his cell phone like a madwoman. She is mad he
  refuses to let Johnny go home for a few days and gets
  even madder when he refers to Grace as an orphan!
  Once alone, EJ gets hold of another untraceable cell phone
  and calls Owen back ...
- Sami tells Rafe she knows something is going is on with
  the DiMeras, but she does not think her hunch would be
  enough for the cops to obtain a serach warrant. Rafe is livid!
  Sami grabs him and they start to kiss wildly ...
- Dr. Dan attends to Phil, when he finds him collapsed at
  the mansion. Phil feels better soon and Dr. Dan suspects
  he was drugged. Phil refuses to go to the hospital. 
- Mel leaves a message for Steph but there is no answer!
  She and Brady wonder why.
- Stefano receives his final dose of insulin. Victor taunts EJ
  that unless he gets those documents in order, Stefano dies!
- Phil looks for Stephanie ... and he soon gets a message
  from EJ, who lets him know that his fiancee is now
  a DiMera captive, held at un undisclosed location!
- Mia insists to Brady that she has never used drugs. She
  laments about her lies, but Brady reminds her the lives
  of others could be at stake if she decided to tell anyone,
  including Will, the truth. Just one slip and EJ could find out,
  which would prove disastrous for Sydney! Mia is torn, but
  agrees. Brady then decides to let Nicole know about Mia's
  latest thoughts and associations.
- Brady, who has both Kiriakis and DiMera blood flowing
  through his veins, is accused of Kiriakis disloyalty! Philip
  is gonna owe him an apology!
- Sami and Rafe consummate their relationship, which, as we
  already reported, means that Days will have SAFE SEX!
  (Safe = Sami/Rafe). That epi will air on May 19.
  She lets him know, in her own way, that she loves him, and
  vice versa! They are in this together, as a team. However, she
  makes it clear she is in no hurry to remarry.
- Lovestruck Rafe decides to take steps to adopt Grace.
  Why is Arianna dead set against it ...? And why does she
  doubt that Rafe and Sami are the real deal?!
- Hot tempered Arianna and Brady have an intense first meeting
  and she also soon spills coffee all over him! Brady insists he
  has a soft spot for feisty females!
- Will has a disagreement with Sami. In addition, he is of
  the opinion that she is just using Rafe.
- Mia would like to know about Grace's bio-mom!
- Stephanie is held captive at the morgue, where Owen's pop
  works, though he heads off for a holiday in the Ozarks. This
  will be a harrowing experience for very claustrophobic
  Steph and her fragile nerves. Phil wants Vic to release the
  phoenix so he can secure Steph's release in return, but the
  Greek tycoon's initial answer is no way no how! Can Phil get
  him to change his mind in time? Meanwhile, Brady decides to
  consult with Bo, concerned for Stephanie's safety ...
- Owen has second thoughts about the whole fiasco.
- Steph's escape attempt fails afer she decides to fight her
- When Nicole learns what Elvis has done (abducting Stephanie),
  the she-devil offers her support! Nicole now has inside info of
  Elvis' latest felony and she thinks it is a great idea, although
  he does feel a tad remorseful for poor Stephanie.
- EJ and Phil have made their own deal - Stephanie for Stefano.
  They have arranged to exchange prisoners, but as we all know,
  even the best plans can run amuck in sleepy Salem, especially
  when the Salem P.D. get involved ...!
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