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June 1-5, 2009

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- Dan attempts to reason with Kate! She pretends to finally
  relent, but she has secretly decided to renew her plan
  for revenge!
- Meanwhile, Dan continues to try and do the right thing.
- Sami tells Rafe she has never been happier. After Rafe leaves
  for work, she realizes Grace has a fever. Then comes a seizure
  and Sami races to ER with her! Dr. Dan feels that genetic testing
  is in order. Aware that EJ will learn the truth, Sami steels herself
  to tell him first, but then the doc gives his verdict. Grace has
  bacterial meningitis.
- Trouble in pseudo-paradise? Lucas is increasingly
  confrontational with Chloe. They have a spat.
- Obsessed Owen's crazy plan is about to unravel. He thinks
  he can keep Steph his hostage, but think again, garden boy!
  Phil, having dodged the Salem P.D., hears his beloved
  moaning in the next drawer once he has gotten to the morgue.
  Phil then turns his wrath on Owen, to fight for the woman he    
  loves - literally! When he bursts out and comes leaping to the
  rescue, he finds himself face to face with Owen and his loaded
  gun. Phil soon gets the upper hand and overpowers the cad,
  whom he shows no mercy!
- Brady remembers his mother Isabella.
- While they are trapped together, Mel confides in Brady and
  learns about him as well. This does not mean they will be
  more than good friends, though.
- Bo and Hope come across Mel's clue and find Brady and Mel
  at the mausoleum! The gang race to the morgue, where they
  find Phil plummeting Owen, as horrified Steph watches!
  Owen is carted off to jail.
- When Owen is taken into police custody, the DiMeras hatch
  a plan to protect themselves and neutralize him. This will
  be the obsessed gardener's last week.
- Chloe comes to a decision about Lucas - she will tell him the
  truth about her and Dan. Or will she ...?
- Kate regroups and it is gonna get real ugly. She starts off by
  offering Chloe an olive branch - her old job back.
- Mia considers leaving town when she loses her place to stay.
  She gives Will the bad news. Maggie helps the teen, by offering
  her room and board.
- Mia and Nicole both visit the hospital at the same time.
- EJ finds out that Rafe wants to adopt Grace.
- Nicole accuses EJ of being jealous of Rafe cos he just
  cannot let Sami go!
- Rafe is on the job as a construction worker, but what is he
  really up to? Arianna thinks not much and she blames Sami!
- Caroline has her doubts about Rafe and thinks Sami needs
  to know his past.
- Nicole visits Rafe on the job.
- Lucas assumes Sami wants to tell EJ about Grace, given
  what is going on.
- Rafe and Arianna butt heads!
- Rafe heads for the hospital, to offer sad Sami his support.
- Will refuses to stop seeing Mia and tells Lucas to back off!
- Stefano knows a secret - and Nicole is stunned! The sly as
  a fox phoenix tells her he knows all about her baby switch!
  She realizes this means he practically owns her!
- EJ manages to sneak Stefano out of the hospital.
- Roman warns Stephanie that Philip is still a Kiriakis and they
  are DANGEROUS. Steph, however, is silly as ever. She and
  Phil are back together at the mansion, but the trauma of what
  she went thru has a lasting effect and leads to her first but
  not last panic attack...
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