Days of Our Lives Spoilers
February 16-20, 2009

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- Mia gets fed up with Nicole when Nicole tells her to never
  contact her again. Wrong move that she will soon regret!
- Mel tells Phil what she really wants - for him to give up
  on Steph. Phil says no way no how! He then threatens to
  crush Mel if she tries to pull a fast one and he has already
  found her with EJ! Matter of fact, he saw EJ secretly pay her!
- EJ gets tough with Mel, too. He suspects there is more to her
  motivation than cold hard cash.
- Phil has a showdown with gloating EJ at DiMera mansion.
  Tony steps in ... Stefano starts to have doubts about any
  association with the likes of Melanie Layton.
- Tony advises EJ to avoid a war with the Kiriakis clan.
- Phil kisses Mel, but what is he really after? Stephanie
  accidentally witnesses the smooch, storms off, and soon
  returns for a smackdown with her rival! Rival Mel, by the way,
  does not even think the kiss was sincere. She tells Phil that
  Steph might be an idiot, but she sure isn't! All Steph knows,
  however, is what she saw and she goes ballistic!
- Max and Chelsea kiss and nobody runs away this time! They
  get the blessings of both Mel and Steph. Now what? Psst. Enjoy
  the cute Chax moments while they last cos Chels soon reportedly
  says bye bye to Salem and her role will not be recast!
- Kate admits she just really wants Dan. She informs ex-hubby
  Vic that she is ready to reconcile with the doc!
- Vic is hard on Brady at Titan. He also causes friction between
  Brady and Phil when he lets Brady make a deal without Phil's
  stamp of approval. And it goes from bad to worse. Phil assumes
  Brady is a betrayer when he spies him with EJ the enemy. Then
  there is that matter of his bizarre conversation with Nicole ...
- Kayla is adamant about leaving her hospital bed to defend
  Hope. Steve, however, has a bad feeling about it.
- Chloe admits to a priest at the park that she is in love with two
  men! The priest will be played by Ralph Waite, aka papa John
  Walton of the Waltons. He tells her to seek a sign from the Big
  Guy upstairs (God). Meanwhile, disaster is about to strike.
  Lucas falls off the wagon. While he is drinking at Brady pub.
  Mel lets Maggie know. Mag eventually finds him still drinking up,
  now at the Cheatin Heart and tells him about Dan and Chloe's
  fling. He gets in a big fight with the red head. Lucas then staggers
  over to Daniel's apartment after giving Maggie the slip by
  pretending to pass out. He is actually there to confront Dan,
  who was summoned to the hospital. Chloe is inside. Drunken
  Lucas bangs on the door, wanting to confront the doc about
  stealing his girl, unaware that there is a gas leak, which was
  caused by the klutzy maintenance man. All of a sudden,
  there is a big and unexpected explosion at Dan's place, and Lucas
  and Chloe seem to be within kaboom range. Lucas is hardest hit
  and goes down after that great ball of fire fills the doorway!
- Unhappy Hope has her hearing. She is suspended and refuses
  to get back with Bo just yet. Bo feels just awful about not
  being able to defend her actions at the hearing.
- Nicole has a question for Brady - does he love her?
- Theo says a new word that makes his parents happy!
- Nicole feels threatened when she learns that the Sami Cometh!
  She has a terrible nightmare about what might happen.
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