Days of Our Lives Spoilers
Week of December 22-26, 2008

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-Vic plays hardball with Kiriakis dynasty heirs Brady and Phil,
  to whip them into shape! He's got high hopes for both. Brady
  wonders if Phil would even want him at Titan when he is offered
  the job of Vice CEO. Vic insists Phil wants what is best for the
  company. So Brady is hired by Victor, much to Phillip's surprise.
  The two Kiriakis fellas cannot seem to leave their respective 
  egos at the door, not to mention jealousy, so Vic temporarily
  fires them.
- Max and Chelsea insist to everyone they are only good friends ...
- Danger Alert! The assassin gets a trace!
- Chloe and Dan are prevented from acting on their now undeniable
  chemistry by the arrival of Lucas at the cabin, but how long will
  they be able to hold out?! And Lucas thinks Chloe dislikes Dan!
- Victor has a warning for EJ about his ex. He will end up
  brokenhearted as well as broke! EJ refuses to listen and gets
  snarky about Vic having been too old for his beloved anyway.
- Bo fills Hope in on his visions, which wind up helping him find
  the missing Theo when Zack's ghost leads him to the lost lad!
  Despite his rescue of Theo, Bo feels there is still danger ...
- Sami tells Rafe her plan - she will hide her baby with the nuns.
  Rafe says no way!
- Nicole sinks to a new low when she asks Brady for money and
  lots of it but as we originally reported, he says no!
- Nicole gets her hands on Doc Baker's cell phone and it leads to
  his black market baby racket. She also ends up meeting one of the
  dubious doc's contacts - a pregnant teen.
- Melanie feels sorry for herself.
- Dan and Chloe continue to be tempted.
- EJ says he misses Samantha!
- Stephanie gets jealous when she hears Max might have a thing
  with Chelsea! But Mel is even greener over Phil and Steph!
- Chelsea asks grandpa Victor for a most unprofessional favor.
- Nicole dreams of murdering Dr. Baker!
- As per our previously posted Christmas celebration spoilers ...
  Doug and Julie will be home for Christmas (and so will Kate,
  by the way!)  Santa Doug reads the Christmas story this year
  with his own unique pizzaz - and his own Mrs. Claus (Julie)!
  Rafe and Sami have a Mexican style Christmas and he has a web
  surprise in store that makes her smile! Marlena invites John to
  spend Christmas with her. In fact, she takes him to the infamous
  Horton Christmas celebration and THAT finally makes him want
  to remember his past life! Meanwhile, Stefano is the host of a
  very DiMera Christmas. John drops by said DiMera Christmas
  with Marlena and Brady in tow!

  Unfortunately, there will be no new Alice Horton footage for
  Christmas this year.
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