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August 17-21, 2009

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- Mel assures Phil he is nothing like his father and suggests
  he make a decision ...
- Brady and Ari's date is once more cut short! this time
  when desperate Daniel arrives on scene at the mansion.
- Dan asks Brady to help him get to Chloe! Brady agrees. Victor
  praises him for his loyalty, which Phil overhears.Phil has another
  argument with the Greek tycoon. He is through with doing his
  dirty work and he QUITS, for good!
- Phil assumes things will change for him and Steph now that he
  has left the family business. He leaves a message for her on his
  cell and then sees her walking in the park with Nathan. Hothead
  Phil attacks Nathan in a jealous rage when he feeds her cotton
  candy. Steph pulls the guys apart. Phil declares he has big news,
  but she refuses to listen and tells him she has had enough! She
  walks off with Nathan behind her. Along comes Melanie. Phil
  hits on her. She responds, admitting he has been the only
  guy in her heart all this time ...
- Lovestruck Mel and Phil wind up at a motel together!
  Phil convinces her she is the gal for him!
- Victor tells Stephanie off and she is stunned to find out Phil
  has left the family business. The result? She tries to call him. No  
  answer, as he is making love to Mel at a motel! Steph later goes
  to see him at home, to tell him she loves him! Mel shows up as
  well and Phil asks her to keep their affair a secret so he can try
  again with Steph, but, as we all know, there's no such thing as a
  secret in Salem anyway ...!
- Daniel and Chloe meet in a hopeful vision, leading her condition
  to improve! She can feel the intensity of his love!
- When Brady finds a packet of cocaine on the pub floor, Ari
  plays innocent and warns Brady that if he calls the cops, they
  might consider him a suspect, given his addictive history!
  He eventually agrees to keep the cops out of it, as it could hurt
  Caroline's business, and pours the coke down the sink.
- Baker sustains a financial loss when he loses all his cash thanks
  to gambling, but don't expect him to go away quietly!
- Meanwhile, FBI Rafe snoops around, convinced that
  something is off between Nicole and her ex doc! He hopes
  a certain nurse can enlighten him. Rafe soon finds out that EJ
  showed up at the clinic around the time Grace was born!
  And that's not all! He also discovers both Nicole and Sami had
  their babies at said clinic.
- Nicole tries to pump Arianna for info on Rafe.
- Bo and Hope are FRANTIC! Bo starts a search for Ciara.
- Hope cries on Justin's shoulder. Hope soon thinks the DiMeras
  are behind Ciara's kidnapping! Bo and Hope receive the ransom
  note, which demands five million dollars! Victor offers to pay.
  Hope is instructed to take the money alone to the designated
  spot. But just before the exchange goes down, Bo has a
  vision - that after the money is given, Ciara will die! Thus, Bo
  stops Hope and informs the kidnappers, on the phone, that
  there will be no ransom paid! Hope has her doubts about Bo's
  last minute decision. What they don't know is that Ciara's
  kidnapping was orchestrated by DEAN, A COP ON THE
  SALEM P.D.! And Dean is working closely with them on
  the case, secretly monitoring their every move ...
- Hope lets Bo know that losing Ciara would spell the end of
  their relationship!
- Victor tells Justin of his plan to build a huge Kiriakis complex in
  Greece, with villas added for the new generation! He has already
  acquired the land behind the main Kiriakis villa (the man who had
  refused to sell met with an accident!) so the project is a go!
  He also vows to find the bastard responsible for kidnapping Ciara
  and kill him!
- Evidence comes to light ...
- There is official talk in Salem of Chloe's long-term prospects.
   Lucas has a look at her living will.
- Kate and Daniel have a major clash at the pier! He calls
  her SICK!
- EJ requests a genetic test on Sydney! Meanwhile, Stefano is
  determined to keep the identity of Sydney's mother a secret,
  at all costs!
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