Days of Our Lives

January 12, 2012
Spoilers included!
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

Sami and Kate, aka the corporate team from hell in designer clothes!
Mateo is hilarious! Hope to see more of him .
Carrie's sexy ice cubes. Who knew the conservative sister had
it in her?!
Sonny already knows Will is gay and sees he is having a hard time.
John and Marlena taking back their careers and their lives. Finally!
Adrienne and Justin being such nice, normal parents.
Brady now being a mini-John in the making.
Will now being a mini-EJ in the making.
Celeste the glam psychic is finally returning!
Magic (Maggie/Victor) the power couple.
Quinn's martial arts scenes.  And dynamo Mel too! More please.
The Alice mystery with macho, but sensitive Bo and Nancy Drew Hope.
Now if only Dr. Baker would enter the mix!

What's OH SO NOT!
Roman seems to have gone missing again.
After the big buildup, the writers seem to have forgotten
that Victor was the one who swiped Maggie's eggs. Helloooooo!
Abigail the sorority stalker. Poor Austin!
Madison looks bored. No wonder. She keeps having to have
phone conversations when no one is at the other end!
The explained disappearance of Java Cafe due to a fire and yet we
never even got to see a little smoke on screen. How about a good
old fashioned soap explosion or somethin?
Tony has still not been invited back. Maybe Roman has
gone to find him?
It's been an exciting ride but ... can we have the freakin election already!

Hottest Spoiler because I say so
Gabi goes after Chad with a vengeance. If she becomes Salem's
newest beeeeeech, that could be fun. She has very good hair days.

Till next time  :)
The Editor


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