September 21, 2007
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In Days of Our Lives world …
Thumbs up to
Artemis and Demarquette’s storyline! This has got all the makings of an exciting scenario and what makes it interesting to the viewers is that we don’t know everything. There is an element of mystery with danger in
the air, but the hope of something positive within reach. Also positive is the shift of the younger crowd to the campus, where there will be more realistic relationships. And nice to see that the lovely Billie finally gets a role she can sink her teeth into!

Biggest Losers

Aw, give Phil his kid already! It's dragged out long enough.
Just when Stephanie seems to be on track with her brain – and she even had a day of normal hair – they go back to putting that bearskin wig on her head and making her squeal after Big Moose Jeremy! She and Max were cute, she and Jeremy have zero chemistry.That having been said …

Hottest Spoiler: Jeremy saves Artemis and Demarquette!

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In the Young and the Restless world …

Thumbs up to

Michael striking a deal for Kevin, Amber, and Kevin! This guy is
simply the most amazing legal eagle on daytime television. Also worthy
of mention is the fun chemistry between the three pals. And Lily was a hoot when she lost it after kissing Cane. They are kinda cute together.
And fun that Noah is more mature than any of the adults around him!

Biggest Losers
Why does Jill keep getting written like a defiant teenager who blames mommy Kay for all her woes? Meanwhile, Heather seems to have morphed into one mean girl attorney with a big chip on her shoulder.

Hottest Spoiler
Phylis and Jana spend time together …

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