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September 15, 2008
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

Stefano back at the mansion. Finally! And John is interesting there as well. Now if only we could see them in some scenes together, butting heads!
The Stefano proposing to Kate scenes with Tony and Anna listening in.
What fun!
John losing it with Trent. Wow. The pawn almost seemed possessed.
The wonderful way Salemites are now dressed. So loving the dapper suits and chic outfits!
Nick the superhero! Rock on, Nickster!

What's OH SO NOT!
Someone is sick again (Kate this time). Days viewers crave beauty
and excitement, not illness!
Max's genius storyline has left the building and now does not seem
likely to ever return.
Chelsea and Steph saying Mel was asking to be attacked by Claude the
perv cos she acts like a party girl. They were mean, like a couple of bitter Cinderella sisters.

Hottest Spoiler

- May the force be with you? Not for Abe, by jingo, cos he gets mad and
  quits the dang Force!

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In the Young and the Restless world ...


River, the flower child felon. Anything can happen with this storyline!
Glo and Jeffrey scheming (with and against each other) to take over Jabot.
Brad's arrest. This will be good because Brad is a sneaky survivor and he certainly has dirt to share on others!

What's OH SO NOT!
Amber and Colleen are sorta Spice Girls we know, but they are groomed good looking women. Now they are fighting over Daniel, the strange guy
who never seems to do anything for anyone and has had a porno problem?! So unbelievable. Next!
Chloe should take the money and run like heck from Jill and her sanctimonious son. With any luck, the baby isn't his!
Oh no! Heather wants to prosecute just about everybody in town again.
Zzzz ...

Hottest Spoiler
Jack and Phylis have reason to believe Sharon still loves Nick ...

Till next time  :)
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