September 14, 2007
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In Days of Our Lives world Ö
Thumbs up to
Kate and Annaís cat-like exchange! Fun stuff! Itís high time Kate had someone similar to herself to interact with. Speaking of Kate, is she a great actress or what! That scream when Andre was rattling the
doorknob at the pub made you sit at the edge of your seat. Her panic
was contagious, which is amazing, when one considers that she was literally  alone in that scene! And Kate and Roman are dang good! No wonder Kenny Corday is a Roman fan. Josh is a powerful actor when given the chance Ö Love that Phil Kiriakis is becoming his own man, too.

Biggest Losers

This Colleen/Santo story is looking more and more like a bad foreign film. There are no interesting sets or costumes and what one can catch of the dialogue is flat and redundant. It would have been more romantic to put this pair in Italia ...

Hottest Spoiler
The gang rush to save Roman, who has been buried alive in a coffin!

scroll down for Young and the Restless world!

In the Young and the Restless world Ö

Thumbs up to

There are all kinds of unpredictable things going on in Genoa City
and it makes Y and R ever so delicious! We even got another Johnís ghost sighting!
Amberís latest plan was a winner cos it brought sudden changes to different storylines. She now has an alter ego, has saved Jillís life,
and literally smoked Nikki and David outta their love nest, in plain
view of the unforgiving Victa Newman. This means war!

Biggest Losers
Nick and Phylis acting like teenagers in her jail cell. How about concentrating on her appeal? Like I said last week, jail is boring Ö
Give her community service.

Hottest Spoiler
Jack becomes a prime suspect in Ji-Minís demise!

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