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October 27, 2007
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In Days of Our Lives world …

Thumbs up to
The Salem U scene. There is way more intrigue on campus than there was years ago, when viewers had to sit through lengthy, pointless pep rallies. Is Ford dangerous? See, it keeps one guessing, it does …
Marlena’s airtime. She is still the best blonde on the show! Her timeless beauty, grace, and intelligence make her quite a protagonist indeed!
Chelsea is also a very good strong character. Kate’s interest in the twins.
She plays a very caring, albeit unscrupulous matriarch.
Philip, when he is not pining after Belle. This is a great character who deserves a storyline befitting a Kiriakis!

Biggest Losers

Too many characters are written like they have multiple personalities!
Belle loves Shawn but can’t lose Philip but can’t lose Shawn so don’t tell
him she can’t lose Philip … Shawn the felon turned wannabe cop …
Philip will move heaven and earth to find his son just so he can leave him
in foster care … EJ loves Sami cos she hates him … Sami is so afraid of EJ, she will now marry him … Lucas doesn’t want EJ around so he ignores him when he is in Sami’s hospital room and proceeds with his visit …
Stefano started the vendetta because he wanted to end it …

Hottest Spoilers
Marlena has thoughts of revenge on her mind …
The Artemis and Demarquette adventure continues …

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In the Young and the Restless world …

Thumbs up to

Victor saves Jack’s life. What an unexpected twist, with far reaching implications!
The Clear Springs drama. Spectacular! Riveting! It was very well done, especially the way one story followed another, instead of showing everyone
at the same time …
Jack’s decency, the way he let Nick go instead of him.
Karen and Neil. They are really cute together.
Lily’s airtime. She is so exotically beautiful.
Amber’s hilarious spunk and chemistry in scenes with Kay. These gals
rock the house!

Biggest Losers
Lauren’s weak character. She was always feisty and assertive, so what changed? Gloria gets the good role now?!
Noah’s lifelong health having to be monitored. Please don’t make future storylines out of this!
Victoria’s endless nap. Aww, let the poor girl, wake up!

Hottest Spoilers
Jack wants to prove he was set up by JiMin’s real killer …
A sudden decision must be made concerning Victoria and her baby …

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