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October 15, 2008
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

Sami will be thrown for a loop again, after she sees the assassin and has
to hook up with the FBI. This is gonna be good ol' fashioned soap fun and Alison Sweeney plays these wild and wacky situations so darn well! In addition, her needing undercover protection seems to mirror how Marlena
and Roman came together. Or do the powers that be just want us to think that so we don't suspect what's really coming ...?
Shelley Hennig (Stephanie)'s acting has been good of late. I like the way she is being directed.
Lucas thinking the double-pregnancy is funny. Great reaction! Reminds us that it is all about entertainment.
Abe is a great mayoral candidate. Once it is revealed which state our soapworld Salem is in, mebbe he'll go for governor, too!
John trying to score points with Marlena is charming. A pity she will inform him she plans to file for the divorce regardless ...

What's OH SO NOT!
What is up with the dated stereotypes of Italians on this show? Mobster DiMeras, corrupt Marinos. Come on now! Bad guys don't always have to have names that end with O.
Kate the man eater is sick. Hopefully she will really be ok but then oops she and Dan did it again so get ready for some new fallout ...
Nice girls are better for ratings so they should make Melanie a nice gal, after all, instead of making her another wacko felonista like Ava.
Where oh where is Count Tony? Of course, Lexie soon confides in him
about their powerful papa, but he would need a storyline, too. Meanwhile, brother EJ might be Mr. Charming but he really should get a shave, preferably before his new dozen or so sons are born yuk yuk yuk!

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In the Young and the Restless world ...


Just when Jill seems to be as witchy as witchy can be, she becomes
genuinely concerned for Kay. Their relationship is complex as always,
but moving nonetheless.
Billy is da man! The new Jack has arrived and boy oh boy will Chloe eventually be a match for him!
Nicki is great with the magazine and great as the once again caring ex-wife. Her sneaky streak will lead to some excitement, too!
Billy catching Daniel and Amber is a classic moment. Though what will the show do if the rumors are true about someone leaving and Daniel needing to be re-cast this spring? Amber/Daniel are still hot, but how would they fare with a new Daniel?
Meanwhile, when Victor goes pyro, it should be one wild ride!

What's OH SO NOT!
Phylis never gets to be her own person anymore. The redhead was fab
when she returned as a web designer, but now she has been reduced to a Newman sidekick. Save her!
River trying to escape just when things were looking up for him. Is he too cursed by the anything can and will go wrong luck that follows Glo around? Zzzz. Meanwhile, Eden needs to wipe that snarl off her face that appears
every time she goes into Excorcist mode ...

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