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October 14, 2007
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In Days of Our Lives world …

Thumbs up to
Max and Stephanie’s miscommunication, cos it means they are headed
for soap coupledom! He is certainly a nicer fellow than Jeremy.
Stefano’s airtime. But when do we get to see him at the swanky DiMera mansion again?!
John’s class. This guy does everything with finesse. And dead or alive
he looks dang good! If they don’t keep him around, lotsa folks will
follow him wherever he goes – and that’s a fact.
Phil’s Kiriakis demeanor. There was just something so powerful about the way he told Steve and Kayla the baby was “my son.”
Very Mediterranean. This guy is going places.

Biggest Losers

Pretending there is a vendetta when it is all about who will nervous Sam choose? Zzzz. And making EJ villainous as Sami’s potential beau who would actually wish to cause her child and sister harm. This thing gets stranger by the day. Lumi fans are mad and now Ejami fans will be mad. What this storyline needs is a woman’s touch …
Too many hospital scenes. Days fans want romance, not bedpans!

Hottest Spoiler
Stefano offers Tony a lucrative  opportunity he would rather forget,
but what are Anna’s hopes for their future ...?

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In the Young and the Restless world …

Thumbs up to

Heather’s new way of interacting – smart and saucy becomes her way better than that earlier Mary Williams routine. She’s a nice girl. Hope she finds a guy with no excess baggage one day …
Daniel - not an officer but definitely a gentleman. The way he stands up for Amber and calls her a lady is first class.
JT’s undercover work. Say, he was pretty convincing as a money hungry potential sleaze! Why, David felt right at home.
Phylis and Jana as daytime’s new odd couple. Hey, it works!
William’s twin bro who is so much like William and is also fixated on Glo’s cream, one cannot help but wonder …

Biggest Losers
Cane’s grinning at just about any woman like he’s in love with her – whether it's Lily or Heather. Has he been smoking something funny?

Glo’s cream fiasco. I mean, if they want to rehash something that was never solved, how about the time Phylis ran over Paul years back, and was never found out? It sure would beat a death by rash storyline …

Hottest Spoiler
It may be fall but Y and R storylines are in for some spring cleaning when Clear Springs blows sky high, changing the destiny of many …

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