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October 5, 2010
Spoilers included!
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) rocked the house at the Days tribute last week,
as described on the ever sooo
popular Event page. The show ought
to give him a comedic storyline with Viv, what a hoot that would be!
Vivian in the sarcophagus, kicking off her shoes."One Prada, two
Pradas!" She is hysterical.
Nicole grows more radiant by the day.
Big bad Brady is way more fun than the do gooder apologist he once
was.  He finally got his groove back!
Father Matt appearing at the park unexpectedly, then giving Chloe an ominous look. A very interesting character. Make him a psychic!
Willer the Killer (aka Will). He has become such a complex, intense
character that folks are left guessing if he really might have been the
shooter, standing behind Sami with the same kind of gun, only hers
jammed (note: just gossip)
Just a reminder that Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves) is back next
Mad Mel. This is gonna be good ...

What's OH SO NOT!
Arianna would have been great as an undercover cop. What a missed opportunity. Now she has been reduced to an EJ cheerleader, soon to
expire. Speaking of cheerleaders, that is what EJ and Rafe have become - competing Sami cheerleaders. They should be given more extracurricular activities other than obsessing about Samantha and Willer the Killer.
The jail stuff. Let Hope come home and have a relapse. Red lipstick
Hope and Doc Baker are sorely missed.
Carly's lack of a storyline of her own. Bring back her pal Omar, his
yacht, and let a new adventure begin ...!

Hottest Spoiler because I say so
The show has put out a casting call for a key male character who sounds
like Eric Brady (Sami's twin bro), but they claim his name will be "Paul." Hmmm.

My wish list
I wish ... The Sami shooting EJ story turns out to be a long daydream.
Sami comes back to reality and decides it would be best to be alone
for a while. Meanwhile, Rafe and EJ turn out to be brothers.

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In the Young and the Restless world ...

Holy Tuck! Stephen Nichols (as Tucker) continues to be super cool.
Case in point. When he looks Kay in the eye and drawls "I am my own team." Love it!
New Noah. He is a tad tall for his clan (ya think?!) but looks like he
will be an interesting hell raising type.
Nina finally "finding" stolen son Ronan. This was a long time coming!
Eric Roberts' portrayal of a sleazy lawyer. Nobody does it better.
Superbitch Sky. Never a dull moment!
The mysteries of Cane's past. Great suspense value.

What's OH SO NOT!
The big chip on Adam's shoulder.
Murphy's health scare, caused by Meggie. Would have been more
enjoyable to see him set her up to be arrested, instead of having to play
the senior citizen victim.
Abby needs to grow up already.
I still miss Zapato the First.

Hottest spoiler because I say so ...
Victor is ready to make a deal ...

My wish list
I want Skye and Jack to get married and take Genoa City by storm!

Till next time  :)
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