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October 13, 2009
Spoilers included!
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

Carly has the whole soap heroine thang going on. In the first few episodes,
she kills her abusive partner, runs away, almost crash lands, winds up on
her loyal pal Omar's yacht, and saves Day's half drowned hero who just happens to be the only good guy who knows the biggest secret in all of Salem. And she pulls it off like it's the most believable scenario. Very slick. Crystal Chappell must have a PhD in Soaponomics!
Will got his smarts back. Yay!
Dan and Chloe are HOTTER than a NUKED chili pepper on a Martian
BBQ! (put that in your pipe and smoke it, Dan Rather!)
Chloe telling Kate off. DaysCafe Diva said it back in May. Payback can
be a beeeeech! Great minds think alike.
But I can't sing opera so I'll quit before I end up in the dreaded What's
Not section. Speaking of which ...

What's OH SO NOT!
Hope's haunted expression, like she is facing the Grim Reaper.
Poor thing needs to relax.
Julie was on the phone yet we could not see or hear her. We were
The fact that so many Salem gals are still crybabies.
All that drug activity at the Salem pier and park, yet not a single
cop in sight!
Stefano's coma. He seems to have one every year!

Craziest Spoiler
Sami helps Nicole scheme to leave town, unaware that Nicole will
be taking her (Sami's) real baby with her!

scroll down for Young and the Restless world!

In the Young and the Restless world ...

Chloe and Billy's bickerfest. Feel the tension!
Katherine and Murph. Real people, real charactery.
Honorable Chance and honorable Mac. Any airtime they get together
is a bonus.
Glo getting conned. If ever a lass deserved it ...!
Daniel's imminent victory. Finally he is written like Phyllis' son!

What's OH SO NOT!
The Mustache, as Jack calls his nemesis Victa Newman, has left the
CBS building, but Jack is still obsessing over him.
Um, Sharon made Brad miserable by turning him down and that was
when he went wandering in the snowstorm, saved Noah, but drowned,
so Jack suggests she should rent Brad's house cos she knew the people
who lived there?! Geez, this one will take your life and then your house!
That having been said, if a ghost showed up at said house, that would
make it interesting indeed!
Y&R baby theft story. Days has dragged theirs out for half a year and everyone knows Y&R storylines are the slowest on the planet, which
means Sharon should finally be reunited with her daughter in time for the
2020 Olympics.
The contrived fair, which swallows up almost an entire episode.
At least the drugged pig is cute ...

Craziest Spoiler
Patty had her new face modeled after her shrink -  which might open up
a recycled Sheila storyline of switching places and getting the unsuspecting lookalike locked up in her place at the psych ward! Patty might not be over!

Till next time  :)
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