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November 17, 2010
Spoilers included!
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

Jennifer the heroine means we finally have a bonafide heroine
again. The first one in years!
Big bad EJ making an alliance with Nicole. And she trusts him.
Look out Salem!
Caroline the not so shy test switcher. She is rather amusing as
a self-proclaimed liar. Would be a hoot to see her take on Vivian!
Brady will soon find out he is at the top of Viv's sh*tlist. Let
the games begin!
Carly's new hair color is sooo radiant.
Chloe gets to be happy. At least for a week or so. Thoughtful, that.

What's OH SO NOT!
Rafe tries to do the right thing but his FBI skills are slipping again.
So long as Meredith doesn't come back, we should be okay, though ...
Prince William and Kate are the big news the world loves to hear
about, so where's Salem's royal family? Not even a count in sight!
Lee presumably a doctor? She musta bought that one online ...

Hottest Spoiler because I say so
Maggie will eventually come out of the ordeal, knowing fully
well what Victor Kiriakis is capable of. Now what?!

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In the Young and the Restless world ...

The rumor DaysCafe broke about Heather and Michael
working together. Good stuff. Michael rocks!
Adam changing - but only if he really does this time.
The Diane/Victor dymanic. They could be so hot together!
Kevin and Chloe. Never a dull moment.
Ronan, man of secrets. And he sure does look at Heather
with lots of intensity ...

What's OH SO NOT!
Crazy Daisy's umbrella storyline that affects many, especially
the viewers who have to suffer through it. Give her a kleenex
to blow her nose and send her home - or off to look for Meggie!
Lauren losing it again. Once upon a time she was a powerhouse!
Next time make one of the men have a breakdown instead.
Like Jack. He has plenty to break down about ...

Hottest spoiler because I say so ...
Sharon and Nick back on track. At least they think they are!

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