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November 24, 2008
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

Joe Mascolo is utterly riveting as Stefano and he plays very well with the younger actors as well. Days is so lucky to have him back and he is now being written as the new millennium version of the phoenix! It will be a
hoot to see cagey Sami dealing with him when she gets back.
Blake Berris (Nick) has been enjoying the challenge of playing Nick's
break down. FYI, Blake is a classically trained actor (even studying at Oxford, I say!) so he is all about thinking through a character's motivation
and perceptions. Kudos to Blake, for taking a murderous situation and
coming out with a still strangely sympathetic guy!
Chelsea's latest hairstyle is a winner!

What's OH SO NOT!
Nicole loses her baby girl. What was the point, fans wonder? Meanwhile, speculation is more than ever ripe that the stage has now been set for
Nicole to find a daughter she never knew she had - Melanie! Be careful
what you wish for, mama Nicole!

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In the Young and the Restless world ...


Devious Brad about to team up with devious Phyllis so he can steal the
fair Sharon from Jack once and for all!
Nicky and Paul's most unexpected and secret tryst. Say, they do look like
a couple of matching blonde bookends, don't they!
John's ghost. He is just too fun!
Meanwhile, Cane has become quite interesting. If only one could
understand just what the heck he is saying ...

What's OH SO NOT!
Something is vewy vewy stwange on this show. Adam suddenly turns
evil and now Victor calls him stupid. What a waste of a character, unless
of course, Victor Newman Jr. was switched at birth and the real Victor Newman Jr. turns out to be quirky Kevin, who was adopted by Glo,
who did not realize she was taking home the real Victor Newman Jr.
Now that would be utterly soapalicious and if it comes into play ...
you read it here first!

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