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November 15, 2007
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In Days of Our Lives world …

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Stefano and Tony are classic DiMeras and like fine wines, they become better, stronger, and more desirable with the years. Speaking of Stefano,
his recent scenes with Lucas were absolutely electrifying. Both men are of Italian descent – and the camera knows it, by jingo! Alas, would it not be intriguing to see Lucas and EJ as brothers duking it out for their share of
the empire?

The Salem P.D. is good and gritty, Maybe the scenarios are not real but
these guys are as down to earth as you can get. You’ll see. Bo will make a good man out of Shawn he will!

Biggest Losers

Sami keeps repeating herself – and now Colleen is at it, too!
Billie is too gorgeous, so hello, where is the suitor?!

Hottest Spoilers
Marlena takes matters into her own hands.
Phil doesn't want Chloe to know he's been after Belle. Hmmm.

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In the Young and the Restless world …

Thumbs up to

In an ironic twist, this new Colleen (who isn’t really like Colleen) appears
to have the most natural chemistry with JT! Kinda changes everything.
In addition, now we have Brad, concerned and caring about Victoria and
her baby. Dare we wonder where this is headed?

Sharon plays the role of the serene, classy, earthy wife of a senator to perfection!

And what a hoot Glo was with Jeffrey! A classic scene, for sure. When
she called funny son Kevin to help bail her out, bemoaning “That man is an animal!”, Y and R just proved it can indeed offer up light hearted entertainment as well as high drama.

Speaking of high drama, Heather has indeed stepped up, portraying with both sophistication and childish anger all those extreme emotions of her storyline.

Biggest Losers
Has Victoria not suffered enough? (though happily, in real life, her
baby boy was born Nov. 2 without a hitch!)
Daniel/Phylis breaking the rules again and again and then wondering
why it didn’t work is just tooo redundant.

Hottest Buzz
Heather’s and Paul’s secret comes out to the rest of Genoa City!

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