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November 13, 2008
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

Rafe rocks Rafe rocks Rafe rocks Rafe rocks! (did I mention he totally rocks?) Meanwhile, Eric Martsolf is the most believable Brady we have
ever had. These Passions alumni sure are winners!
Kudos to you, Jimmy Reilly, wherever you are ...
Blake Berris (Nick) is a great character actor. No doubt they will write
him out of this wee blip of killing someone. After all, Lucas killed Franco, who was better looking than Trent, and he's still around ...
Yes she can! Melanie.s voice has toned down in some scenes so obviously she can act very well when given the right coaching and direction, thank
you very much.
Maggie the redhead has finally come out of that gossip girl shell, warning
Mel not to mess with Nick or else, in addition to her stern tone when she warned Nick about his pill popping ways.

What's OH SO NOT!
Why do they always have to make Lexie a sniveling woman who loses it
over something or cheats on Abe, etc. She is a trained cop, doctor, and DiMera so let her be the strong woman she really is already!
No matter how you look at it, Sami and Nicole being pregnant by but not married to EJ at the same time has reduced them to an
EJ's not-so-happy HAREM storyline. Next!

Hottest Spoiler
EJ becomes an attorney for Stefano's empire!

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In the Young and the Restless world ...


What a top notch actress Jeanne Cooper is. One really feels Marge and
Kay were two different people. And Marge's ghost was a fun idea!
Victor and Ashley are wonderful together. It is indeed their time ...
The Paris scenes were lovely, even though the friendly, helpful French waiters were about as realistic as sunbathing polar bears in the Everglades!
Lovin' Karen. Nia Peeples has truly taken ownership of this role.

What's OH SO NOT!
Amber howling about Katherine was certainly an exercise in
over-acting, wasn't it.
Adam keeps acting like a jellyfish. Not very Victa Newman-like.
Why are Brad and Sharon not a happy couple? By golly. they should be!

Hottest Spoiler

Victor curses Adam for his deception and wants revenge!

Till next time  :)
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