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December 9, 2008
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

Stefano's scenes with EJ. EJ thinks he is a tad too bad, whilst the savy phoenix evidently feels the boy is too soft. Interesting conflict ...
New Brady. Shucks, he really is a nice guy isn't he!
Chloe as a heroine. Nadia is a great actress and it is wonderful that
her character has matured.
Hilda. What a fun character. Why not have Stefano hire her to oversee
the security at the mansion huh!

What's OH SO NOT!
Nicole the lying, almost drugging (Brady) she-devil. Just buying the coke
and putting it in his drink in the first place removes her mighty quick from
my almost-a-protagonist list. The bad girls have been getting too much airtime. Meanwhile, Steph and Chelsea just come across self-absorbed.
We need a new Abby Deveraux for the young crowd pronto!
Why do the writers keep making Sami yell the same things? DiMera danger need Sister Theresa blah blah blah! Even Rafe is starting to look confused.

Hottest Spoiler
Rafe lets Sami talk to her kids at Christmas. Meanwhile, the assassin gets
the break he has been waiting for!

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In the Young and the Restless world ...

Billy. What a great young Abbot baddie. Time for Jack to grow up, now. Junior has arrived and he steals every scene he is in!
Chloe as a mom. Her scenes after she fell and was admitted to hospital
were simply poignant.
Kay and her new friends. Real people. Real problems. Here's to hoping she hires those good folks to come work at the mansion once she gets a clue.
Victor seems to slowly be getting his marbles back. Yay!

What's OH SO NOT!
Jabot takeover by Abbots. Zzzz.
Jabot face cream revived. Zzzz.
Brad is going going gone. Dumb move! He needs to be with Sharon.
Gloria's overacting. Ouch! Downright painful to watch! Please help her.

Hottest Spoiler
The truth about what transpired between Victor and Walter is revealed!

Till next time  :)
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