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December 3, 2007
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In Days of Our Lives world Ö

Thumbs up to
The dark, intense look of the show makes it more interesting.
Chloeís grand entrance. A show stopper for sure!
Shawn and Belle trying to make their marriage work.
Phil giving Belle some space. An officer and a gentleman!
The upcoming mysterious patient at the DiMeras. Lovin it!

Biggest Losers

The gross deets of Fordís rape spree do not entertainment make - though he is one terrific actor. And given how he is such a good and good looking actor, could he not have been given a more decent role???

Hottest Spoilers
Max and Stephanie reconnect.
The sorority basement has a deep, dark secret that might just cause
more than a few nightmares!

scroll down for Young and the Restless world!

In the Young and the Restless world Ö

Thumbs up to

Brad as a caring and tormented potential father. Ruthless meets gentle. Nobody does it better!
Janaís recovery. Now at least she and Kevin will have to move forward
or sideways or something Ö
Johnís reappearance. He cuts quite an interesting picture as a ghost and
the writing possibilities are endless.
Lilyís beauty finally acknowledged. Hey, itís high time! The modeling agencies would have come a calliní ages ago!

Biggest Losers
Huh? The fact that Amber was not recognized, just because she donned
a wig and whispered. Puleeease! She looked like and sounded like Amber
and Cane is an intelligent man, So not buying it!

Hottest Spoilers
Kevin is determined to get Jana off the hook for Carmenís murder Ö
Colleen and Adrian might not have such a solid future after all Ö

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