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December 14, 2008
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

There have been some terrific one liners (and even two liners) happening
on this show, ranging from John's "I only shoot ta kill," to Stefano's musings on EJ, "Such a prince!" and Phil's reality check for Mel. "Not going to let
me rescue you. How will I ever get through the rest of my life?!" Too fun!
Speaking of fun, ok don't throw any tomatoes when you read this, but Melanie has actually been kinda fun and unpredictable lately. Phil really
might have met his match!
Finally Stefano is written as Stefano! And Tony, who completes the
DiMera picture, has airtime. Most excellent.
Bo the psychic, It certainly sounds odd, though the contrast of the gritty
cop commissioner and his visions is intriguing.

What's OH SO NOT!
EJ is a professional lawyer, yet has no office. Meanwhile, Roman has an office but no profession. Unless you consider being Sami's chauffeur, pop
on call, and now EJ's switchboard operator a career.
So now the pregnant harem story is gonna morph into the Doc Baker's
black market baby story. Has this show gotten a big contract with diapers
r us or what?!

scroll down for Young and the Restless world!

In the Young and the Restless world ...

Katherine Chancellor and Murphy are very interesting to watch. Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) has surpassed Emmydom with this performance.
They need to create a new award in Soapville to keep up with her standards cos she just raised the bar by a mile!
It will certainly be exciting when Kay pawns her ring and thus calls attention to herself!
Billy did the right thing when he pulled a Malcolm and decided not to tell his bro Cane that he was the biological father of his wife's child. But of course, just like the Malcolm is Lily's papa story did, we expect it to explode one of these rainy days ...

What's OH SO NOT!
It's official. The sociopaths on this show now outnumber the sane people. Included in the Sociopaths glee club are Master Sociopath Jack, wannabe Adam, Gloria, Jeffrey, Kevin, River, Phyllis when no one is looking, Jill on
a crabby day, the unseen Yolanda, and Frank the forger, to name a few ... 
Ok so River is a badass hippy and Michael sends him back to jail. After all that, I hope the producers, directors, and writers enjoyed this Michael finds his father story cos for the viewers it has been a waste of time, useless investment of energy. It was all humbug! Maybe when Christine shows up early next year, she can set Michael straight and remind him he is waaaay past the point of obsessing over his parents. Missed his chance in junior high school ...
Hey, where did Jana’s funky image go? Stop making her a drip already and bring back the blue highlights!

Till next time  :)
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