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December 11, 2007
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In Days of Our Lives world …

Thumbs up to
The sorority story. Hey, at least it’s something different!
Bo and Hope’s cop teamwork. Awesome!
Roman wishing to protect the fair Marlena. Too sweet.
The mysterious DiMera patient. Let the intrigue begin!

Biggest Losers

Tony and Anna as one of the most romantic couples ever got almost
negative airtime together and were then sent off on a trip viewers don’t
even get to see …
The mysterious DiMera patient
if it ain’t John, cos tons of ladies would be enraged with such a faux teaser where John Bond is concerned!

Hottest Spoiler
Chloe and Phil get together after all, though his heart still seems to be elsewhere!

scroll down for Young and the Restless world!

In the Young and the Restless world …

Thumbs up to

Jeffrey’s blackmail. Finally that storyline got sped up!
John’s ghost. That should be one spirit on contract …
Brad’s loyalty for Victoria and her baby. Touching indeed.
Victor’s jealousy for anything Nikki pays attention to. It was amusing
when Phylis pointed that out. Phylis is one smart lady!

Biggest Losers
Gloria has a good story, lots of airtime , so when is she gonna stop waving her arms around like she’s learning improv?!
David the doormat …

Hottest Spoiler
Daniel and Heather crash!

Till next time  :)
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