August 31, 2007
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In Days of Our Lives world …
Let us all just keep our fingers crossed that we have heard the last of stolen body parts and transplants and locking the same people up again and again! The close-ups of the show and intensity have become interesting, now tis time to help the writing. No more foolish lockups in cold or hot places, no more organ theft, and where the heck are John
and Marlena anyhow? Warning! Spoiler ahead …
John and Marlena are said to be getting a storyline in the future, just like the good ol’ days! John always had that great chemistry and history with the DiMera clan, so that should make some really dynamic viewing! As for Marlena, she is a great dramatic actress, never gets clownish like some of the younger crowd. This pair has been missed.
Speaking of the big guns, ya’ll can put Stefano in a bed half-dead, but by golly he will still rise to the occasion as a force to be reckoned with. In addition, it has been a treat to see Andre in his disguises. Never a dull moment with Thaao Penghlis around!
Some folks have been writing in, asking me how Ed Scott - former
Y and R producer - is gonna change things. As Don Diamont (Brad) of the Young and the Restless once put it, the success of Y and R is due to the fact that the show is all about relationships … In a nutshell, silly is
out, intriguing is in.

Next week’s top pick:
Stefano’s “funeral” is held!

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In the Young and the Restless world …

Well, well, well, Ji-Min, Jill’s love machine, took Amber’s stolen money after all! One might assume that this will be good for Amber, but maybe not, considering she is about to get herself in even more trouble …
Meanwhile Phyllis’ and Nick’s last night before her imprisonment seemed a tad dragged out as the stage is set for the baby storyline. But hey, how about Noah! He has turned out to be a really good actor and he looks just like Nick now, too.
Love the developing Corbel/Brad storyline, though the character of Colleen still feels Awol.
Lastly but not leastly, now that Jana is in the clear, what guarantee does Kevin have that she won’t try to kill him again?  He doesn’t. And sometimes not knowing can be the scariest thing …

Next week’s top pick:
Ji-Min is about to get in really hot water!

Till next time  :)
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