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August 29, 2008
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

The DiMera family feud that is growing from within. Intriguing!
May the best (or would that be worst) DiMera win!
Tony's edge. It keeps you guessing how bad he might be!
EJ's sneaky ways. The lad does well with a bit of badness, he does!
P.I. Patchman! We have been saying for years that the dude was a bounty hunter waitin ta happen, but this P.I. stuff is just as good. Here's to hoping
he gets some cases he can really sink his cool teeth into!

What's OH SO NOT!
Ok, so we saw Jan Brady acting neurotic for a few minutes, the point
being ...? Well, maybe it was to make us think of something. If Jan Spears married Shawn Brady, she would be Jan Brady. Aha! No wonder she was kinda wacky.
Macho John grabbing Marlena at the office for a quickie, not even a wine glass or romantic candle in sight. Geesh.
Still too many hospital scenes.

Hottest Spoilers

- Stefano follows through on his promise to come home to the mansion
  and a very complex power struggle gets underway ...
- Here comes a murder mystery!

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In the Young and the Restless world ...


Chloe as Esther's daughter is a brilliant idea! The gal is a hoot and Jill
and her high horses would certainly deserve a mini-Esther grandchild!
Wow. What a great scene, with Jana burning her Ouija board in Genoa City just as Nicki finds Victor alive and well on the beach in Mexico! Major soap drama on the high seas!
Brad as the new CEO of Newman (at least for now). He plays the power-hungry playboy to perfection.

What's OH SO NOT!
Why are Victoria and Nick so boring?
So now all of a sudden Adam is a greedy bad guy, Heather the independent career woman his doormat? Strange and contrived, to pave the way for the Victor to realize his other kids were better blah blah blah. Character-driven storylines are great, but not if you suddenly change a person's character to adapt to a certain storyline. That makes it only storyline driven in a warped
way ...

Hottest Spoiler
Chloe decides to move into the Chancellor mansion teehee!

Till next time  :)
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