August 25, 2007

In Days of Our Lives world …
High drama unfolds for the Phoenix, who is poised to rise again!
Gotta love the DiMera clan – even dame Andre. And Tony’s comments are priceless.  Only problem here is, with the DiMeras, viewers expect drama, excitement, glamour. Instead, we are getting stories about body parts! First John’s kidney gets stolen, Sami’s baby’s stem cells were almost stolen, and now … spoiler ahead …
Benji is gonna have a piece of his liver lifted. Tsk tsk. Daytime TV is about relationships, drama, excitement, and romance. Who the heck wants to hear about creepy organ and stem cell theft? Focus on the DiMera empire instead of kidneys, livers, stem cells, etc.
We have got a stellar cast so please give them the stellar storylines
they deserve. Speaking of stellar, Phil is a good looking and interesting and wealthy character, but still no girlfriend!
On a positive note, Kate and Stefano act very well together, even if
the outcome is just that they will be friends/associates – something that would really torment Roman, who winds up being Kate’s knight in
shining armor very soon. Meanwhile, the idea of China Lee’s kids
getting a nicer life in Salem could prove interesting. Good call, Days.
All kids deserve a nice life.
Lastly but not leastly, don’t cry for me Argentina, but it looks like the Bratpack’s little Vegas stint is coming to an end … yay!

Next week’s top pick:
Bad boy Jeremy is busted!

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In the Young and the Restless world …

Where oh where did Colleen go? This is what one asks when one now watches characters interact with our new MTV Colleen, who keeps
calling her professor boyfriend “baby.”  She is certainly cute, just not a Colleen! She would have been more suitably cast as one of Amber’s friends. Imposter Colleen aside, it is an exciting twist that Corbel knows all! Once his tell-all book comes out, Mary Williams – oops, I mean Heather – will no doubt suffer from an attack of righteous indignation
that she was conned by star witness, Brad. What a lucky break for
Phyllis and her legal guru Michael.
As for the guys … Nick cuts a great picture with his hair slicked back. Looking good! Meanwhile … warning! spoiler ahead … JiMin’s focus changes as he does business with Jill. Rumor has it he will also be involved in the missing money, as reported on the Dayscafe Y and R scoop page a while back. His days are numbered in Genoa City.

Next week’s top pick:
Amber investigates the case of the stolen cash!

Be happy :)
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