August 18, 2007

In Days of Our Lives world …
This week was full of adventure for Bo and Hope in Ireland, te be sure! This pair always delivers in the adventure department. Hope has the most expressive eyes in daytime, with knightly Bo at her side. Sister Andre was priceless! Nice to see that Thaao Penghlis has been given his fair share of airtime, as well as the great Stefano.
Meanwhile, the Vegas youngins seem to be floundering but the good
news is that Salem U will be the place for Chelsea’s and Stephanie’s next storyline. Chelsea is a good character when they let her do understated and serious. And given how Nick’s character has morphed into a twit, it would be more watchable to see Chelsea hook up with Jett in the future. They have a certain chemistry and the interracial aspect of their storyline could prove interesting. By the way, in case you miss an episode, the Days of Our Lives small box on the upper left-hand side of the
DaysCafe main page could be your salvation, as it is a direct link to downloadable Days on itunes!
Last but not least, in Days world, expect some nice actor close-ups in the future, courtesy of new co-executive producer Ed Scott. The man in the orange shoes, as he is fondly known on set.

Next week’s top pick:
Stefano gives Kate an assignment.

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In the Young and the Restless world …

Boy, things sure have changed! Months ago, one hoped for Phyllis’ demise, now one actually feels sorry for her!  Maybe it has something to do with Heather’s harsh righteousness, which makes her seem more like Mary Williams than Paul.
Also of interest is Jana. Warning! Spoiler ahead!  ………….
Jana soon takes a turn for the worse, though here’s to hoping she recovers after surgery. This character is quirky and has all sorts of possibilities. Speaking of quirky, I have a confession to make. I like Amber! Never a dull moment with her around!
So, Nick and Sharon, after renegotiating their contracts, will be brought back together. It works, although Noah might not be quite so quick to abandon Phyllis. I have no problem with a reunion of Nick and Sharon, who seem to act best with each other. My only request is that in the future Sharon stop pronouncing “but” like “baaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.”

Next week’s top pick:
JiMin comes clean to Jill.

Be happy :)
The Editor