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August 17, 2008
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

The quality of Mascolo (Stefano) and Thaao (Tony)'s dramatic acting. Utterly riveting!
Tony and Anna's fairytale kiss. Soooo romantic!
Old John is gonna show up to save new John from Stefano's latest
attempts at mind control. Good vs. evil. Works every time, baby!
Marlena the good soon recovers!
Nicole's black and white 1940s style daydream. This is a fun way to showcase the talent of the performers, and also allows us a glimpse into Nicole's slightly twisted psyche, not to mention that I just loooooooove
black and white. It makes the world full of shadows and that much more suspenseful. Well done!

What's OH SO NOT!
Stefano's big comeback is in the hospital?! Enough of the freakin hospital
stuff! Put the phoenix in the DiMera mansion with his chess set!
Stephanie's dire need of a haircut. Does budget cut = no scissors or what???
Method acting 101? Not! Some of the young actresses - and they know who they are - are screaming too much. It is very annoying and likely the doing
of the director cos the directors always call the shots so we won't blame the actresses. It needs to stop.

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In the Young and the Restless world ...


From hen to heroine? Nicki was a clucking hen for months but she is
now stepping up as the strong woman she once was. And this upcoming adventure with storm and danger and mobster proves to be a great one.
Just wait 'till vengeful Victor and Wily Walter go on the boat ride from hell...
All of a sudden, this show is on fire, people!
Jill's announcement that Chloe and Cane have to keep up appearances so she'll throw them an engagement party. Delicious!
Adam the upstart Newman. At least he's got spunk and takes after dear old dad!
Jana's Ouija board. Nobody does it better!

What's OH SO NOT!
Daniel and anybody. It won't last so why should we care?
Michael is a fab attorney but in his personal life, what is up with the whining?
Nick and Victoria. Sorry, they do not come across as Newmans anyway. Maybe that's the problem. Adam is more upscale than this supposed heir and heiress ...
The magazine idea. Well, some years ago there was this little ol' soap called Another World, which had an important component of the show being a publishing company with a magazine and guess what - in the end the show got cancelled! Not that we're superstitious ...

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