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August 11, 2009
Spoilers included!
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

The executive decision to invite Lindsay Hartley to come on down and
play Ari once the role was made more significant. Felisha was sweet and
we wish her well, but she just does not have those years of soaperience
(soap experience) Hartley will bring to the table.
Doc Baker. Yeah! Let's inject a little humor back into the madness!
Speaking of zaniness, Vivian is apparently slated to make a GRAND
entrance when she returns this fall, at the centre of an exciting mystery!
The Chadman. He's cool and no fool.
Snarky Lucas is back! Here's to hoping he never has to be clueless again ...
Justin Kiriakis for Daniel's defense is certainly a touchdown for team Dan!
The well dressed men of Salem who wear suits, suit jackets, etc.
D.A. Charles Wood (previously Roger of Y&R) is as deliciously sleazy
as we warned he would be. And it certainly ups the ante that our hero
Dan could be facing EXECUTION if Kate and Charlie have their way.
Let the games begin!

What's OH SO NOT!
Safe. What happened to the once cute pair? Too fast and furious and
now it seems to be burning out like some unpleasant old tire that keeps on rolling regardless. Will they ever get that old magic back? If not, is she at
least destined to find it with someone else? A mad and miserable Sami
does not good viewing make ...
Mia and Will's lack of energy. Have a cappuccino on me - or two or three
or four!
On the day Daniel gets outta jail, Officer Hope is wearing what appear to
be prison stripes from a Keystone Cops flick. Is this a not so subtle
message the Salem P.D. is gonna go Keystone again ...?
Stefano and Victor are the richest, most powerful bachelors in town, yet neither seems able to afford the luxury of a girlfriend? As if!
And all this talk of Meredith's letter - pooh! Whatever happened to the message Tony wrote EJ that Elvis vowed to solve - with the letter B.
Perhaps if our Tony returned from the dead, he could also help his
brotha relearn something he no longer remembers how to do - think!

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In the Young and the Restless world ...

Heather freaking out at Adam. Finally! And she has life in her, too.
Who knew?
Zapato. He WAS a winner, that is (hopefully they did not exterminate his canine character because I complained that Victor talks to his women as if they were Zapato, thus eliminating the proof!)
John's ghost is a comin! John's ghost is a comin! Yay!
Apparently the elusive Cane has yet another secret and Philip knows all
about it. Keep 'em coming ...!
Nikki's vanishing was very well done - and no one wears a dark hood better.

What's OH SO NOT!
One flew east, one flew west, one flew over the cuckoo's nest.
Mary Jane, Adam, Glo, Ashley, and Sharon ... the number of wackjobs
in Genoa City increases by the day!
Mac helping Mary Jane. Why she seems as dumbly gullible as ... Mac!
Chloe and Billy apart. Coulda been fun had they started a happy life
together as a quirky couple, but instead we have been robbed, not to
mention that Mac reduces him to a slaphappy wannabe Jack clone.
Adonis Paul getting dumped again, with looks like that. Man, this show is
in dire need of a reality check!

Till next time  :)
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