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April 4, 2008
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In Days of Our Lives world …

Thumbs up to
The Kiriakis and DiMera family trials and tribulations in those glossy mansions are super enjoyable! Mixes the personal scandals with the
power struggles of two dynasties. A winning combo!
Welcome back Nicole! A great glam villainess who stole the show and
ran with it! The little pooch is a fun added touch, to remind us that she
also has a Paris Hilton quality …
Dr. Rolf and John are dynamite together. Keep it comin’!

Biggest Losers

Dr. Dan seems bizarre sometimes, in a be sure to lock your doors and windows at night kinda way. And thus far, he has commented on the
hotness of Kate, Nicole, and Hope. Creepy.
Chelsea is an annoying character so what's up with all the airtime?
Hospital hospital hospital blah! And the only patients are Bradys …

Hottest Spoiler
Nicole hits back at Chloe big time!

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In the Young and the Restless world …

Thumbs up to

Sabrina and Vic and the art gallery made a nice tableau. So romantic.
Right on Kevin and Michael for not letting Gloria make every moment
of their lives about her her her!
Finally a Jana/Kevin wedding. Yay!
Allistair rocks the house! The guy is a keeper!  Perhaps he will be
Glo’s soul mate …

Biggest Losers
David’s gambling problem dragging out. Groan! Brad would deserve
a more original storyline.
Nick’s wardrobe. Makes him look more homeless than fashion mogul,
sorry to say.
Amber needs to stop being so eager already!
Victoria needs to drop the mean girl routine. Not very corporate, dahling!

Hottest Spoiler
J.T. wants to do a background check on Adam!

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