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April 18, 2008
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In Days of Our Lives world …

Thumbs up to
EJ as a lawyer is pretty darn good.
Sami goes upscale at the mansion!
So, John does care what Blondie thinks after all!
Phil is the new Kiriakis generation. Powerful stuff!
Angelo of the Vitalis is a great and intense actor, as he was on
Y and R. Keep 'im!

Biggest Losers

Here’s to hoping Chloe gets to do more than just be mad all the time.
Saaaay, how about more new Mickey and Maggie?! They show us
terrific new Mickey and then not enough scenes to follow with the dude!

Hottest Spoiler
Lucas is comin Lucas is comin Lucas is comin!

scroll down for Young and the Restless world!

In the Young and the Restless world …

Thumbs up to

Slick Nick is stylin at long last! Phylis the woman in red is stylin, too! Great pair they have become!
Chloe is a hoot, man! Thinking Lily was bulemic when she was preggers,
and the way Chloe conveyed it was really funny.
Sabrina/Vic need to make it official to stop the gossip – dare we hope?
Lily made the right decision. This should prove to be interesting on
many levels.

Biggest Losers
Well, the last time we checked, Victoria did have a life, so why is she
so obsessed with her father’s?
Here’s to hoping that creepy old Forrester broad never comes back!
Colleen was way too catty with Lily. Only a smile for the men?!

Hottest Spoiler
Jill has a great idea …

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