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April 15, 2009
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Spoilers discussed!

In Days of Our Lives world ...

Kate's psychotic plan and the smart, tongue in cheek way she pulls
it off. Very Cruella Deville and very entertaining! Of course, the only
thing that might change her mind is a deal with the big guy upstairs to
save her son's life ...
Chris, the neurotic assistant. Can this diva boy wonder be any more fun!
Fab fab fab.
The resolution of Bos latest vision. Original. Bo the psychic rocks!
Sister Agnes. There is something very Dr. Ruth about her. Likable lass.
Brady praying to his deceased mom Isabella. Now all we need is for her apparition to show up like a few years back.
Dr. Baker's sarcasm. Keeps the dull characters on their toes, so to speak.
The upcoming run-in between Stefano and Victor. Powerful stuff, it will surely be. Let the games begin!

What's OH SO NOT!
Nicole's whining loooooooong melodrama. She used to be a hoot when
she had Pookie and they gave her one liners. Nicole, that is. Pookie never
got lines.
Chloe and Dan apart. Chloe marrying Lucas was a total bust. Annul the
dang thing!
EJ has yet to follow up on Tony's attempted message, as he had planned. Honestly, it is time for Junior to wake up already and get his smarts back. Who is pumping stupidity gas into DiMera mansion???
Spoilers say Steph and Phil finally do the deed. And we should care
because ...?
The Brady/Mel kiss. She is so too young for him to lock lips with. Phil is younger than Brady, as he is the Shelle generation. Brady, however, was always older. Mel is also immature and righteous Brady should know better.

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In the Young and the Restless world ...

They're back! Wacky Jeff and wacky Glo, who now has a red do. Glo
was always a redhead waiting to happen! This couple is definitely the best comeback couple of the millennium!
All Kay all the time. You can be 80 and be hot! Truly inspiring ...
Jack as Sharon's Gallahad, always to the rescue. A charming tale, even though he might not get his happy ending.
Ashley sensing Sabrina's presence. Spooky effects!
JT trying to warn Colleen about Victor. My money's on her anyway!

What's OH SO NOT!
Victor still talks to women like they're Zapato!
Eden's guttural, grating voice goes on. Ugh! Hire someone else to talk
for her already!
Kevin having a mental breakdown and here comes mean Heather. Zzzz.
All in all, what an unpleasant story!
Victor's new partner in crime with her crooked smile. Go away! PR people always make for a yucky, long storyline, like that miserable Carmen Mesta.
Mac's attitude. Gee, could she be any more hateful? Give her a one way plane ticket, pulease!
And how is she gonna play with old pal Raoul when he returns to town?
New Mac must be two heads taller than the fella ...

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