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May 26, 2009
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Spoilers included!

In Days of Our Lives world ...

As we already called her last week on our weekly spoilers page, here
comes "Nancy Drew Mel!" She is one fun sleuth and finally gets to sink
her teeth into something. Hence last week's choice of title for our Nancy Drew of daytime.
Victor is the king of zingers, while Stefano continues to enthrall as the
king of mystery. A great contrast. Speaking of DiMeras,
Dark Prince Elvis has truly risen to the occasion. In fact, given that he is ten times more interesting than Nicole, he should get 10 lines for every 1 line she has, non?!
Brady and Arianna are cute and spicy while Chloe and Dan are still on fire! Lots of heat in Salem comin up this summer and we don't mean a barbecue!

What's OH SO NOT!
Kate is soon back and so is her twisted poisonous plan. Why not just do
what nasty Jan did and upload pics, heck that operagirl website might even still be available! Poison is so passe, not to mention sick (ya think?!)
Soap Greed is still alive, people! Here comes yet another gluttonous
soap cruise. Sorry to say, but how 1980s. Lower the price ...!
BART would have made Steph's kidnapping a black humor delight.
What a missed opportunity. The DiMeras need the Bartman back!
Meanwhile poor Will remains in dire need of a hair intervention.

Hottest Spoiler

As we reported many moons ago, Steph decides NOT to marry Phil.
A great spoiler cos then it will free him up for Mel, his destiny!

scroll down for Young and the Restless world!

In the Young and the Restless world ...

Mac and Raoul, Raoul and Mac! What a great pair and it is good to see
a tough girl Mac instead of an apologist.
Bad boy Billy and earth mother Chloe are a great team, he just hasn't
realized it yet.
Sharon's acting. She is likable even when she does the wrong thing
(which is just about always).
Evil Cane. Can't wait to see what skeletons he is hiding, in addition to
the fact that he was a fraud from the start!
Nina. A woman with an intelligent thought process. Please don't let her
get away again!

What's OH SO NOT!
Lily has suddenly morphed into an airhead who only married Cane
because he will never let her down blah blah blah! This character used
to be a straight A student with an attitude. Has she been replaced by
a clone? Bring our old Lil back!
Now that he has become twisted and evil, Adam will kiss Rafe. So the message here is that the creepiest guy in town is gay? But of course, when
he was a nice guy, he was straight. He is only written gay when he is evil. Pulease!

Hottest Spoiler
As we already reported, Philip did not die - and he will have to explain
why he abandoned his loved ones all those years ago. Meanwhile, we not only have original Philip back, but original Nina as well. This is gonna be good ...

Till next time  :)
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