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May 2, 2009
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Spoilers discussed!

In Days of Our Lives world ...

The DiMeras Vs. the Kiriakis clan, rather like EJ's temper vs.
Victor's cackling cunning. What great exchanges!
Sami and Rafe are sooo high school and sooo adorable.
And in the week of May 18 they finally get together in the
biblical sense. Sami and Rafe - SAFE.
This means that the week of May 18, Days will have SAFE SEX!
Miss Mel continues to be the most fun young gal on daytime.
Love the spunk. Down but never out and always a smile on her face!
Bad boy EJ investigating Baker. The walls are slowly but surely
starting to close in on Nicole! Can't wait 'till the doc accuses her of
trying to kill him!
Arianna as Rafe's straight talking sis. Welcome!

What's OH SO NOT!
Stephanie hogging Phillip's bed and practically pushing him off.
Let the Salem patient recover already and stop hijacking his sheets!
The loooong repeated explanations of Salem's blondes rehashing how
they do or do not feel. Enough. Less is more when it comes to words.
Will and Mia. They will only work once he loses that mop on his head
and that great big chip on his shoulder. And the nerve of hitting up his
not so well-to-do parents for cash to look after his baby sister.
Go get a part-time job!
Everyone in Salem still runs around with the same empty coffee cup -
and some are even drinking air from it!
Phonies who start myspace and twitter and social network pages,
pretending to be days stars. GET A LIFE!

scroll down for Young and the Restless world!

In the Young and the Restless world ...

The scheme of the century is what we will get with Jill and Glo and
Jeffrey joining forces against self-absorbed windbag Victa Newman, Hah!
Ashley's mysterious signs from Sabrina. An enemy, madness, or the
supernatural? Very well done!
The way Kevin got his sanity back. Bravo!
Kay the 80 year old bride. Another bravo!
Neil finally has the guts to leave Newman Enterprises. He would be
terrific as Genoa City's newest ruthless CEO!
Paul will ask Nicki to tie the knot. Rock on!
Cane is back in fine Aussie form and gets to be his own man
with his own biz. Should be fun - and bars have all kinds of storyline

What's OH SO NOT!
Adam and Heather. Next!
Tyra and Neil. Next!
Billy and Big Mac. Next!

Till next time  :)
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