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May 18, 2010
Spoilers included!
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

James Scott had a fantastic year and worked hard.
His character played all the emotions. Therefore, he
deserves to win the outstanding lead actor nomination he
received for a Daytime Emmy. Compared to him, some
of the other dudes in that category had as many lines as
extras in a silent movie! Arianne Zucker also deserves
to win, even though she shoulda been in the outstanding
LEAD actress category, not supporting! Stellar stars.

What's OH SO NOT!
Love EJ and Rafe, both great guys, but come on FBI
Rafe, you can't see Anna is choking for real until
her face goes splat on the table and she passes out?!
What did they teach ya in law enforcement college?!
Meanwhile, race car driver turned mobster turned lover
EJ needs to stop acting like such a chicken cos there are
surely scarier things in life than Johnny playing FBI or
fatha not calling  ...
Guess what. Madeline will have yelled her way out of
Salem by fall. Yay! But BOO to the writing off of Mia
just when she got fun. Nobody puts salt in someone's
coffee any better. So look out, Kenny ...!

Hottest spoiler because I say so ...
Is Shane really an assassin now? Stay tuned!

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In the Young and the Restless world ...

Stephen Nichols is a fantastic character actor.
More airtime for Tucker, please please please!
New Abby ROCKS and I will tell you why.
This character looks and acts just like the
new, improved LUCY from DALLAS. Dynamite!
Billy and Victoria's nutty nuptials. Too fun and
here's to hoping they end up staying together.

What's OH SO NOT!
Go away Emily or Patty or whoever and
grow up, Jack!
Sanctimonious JT stealing little Reid from mama
Victoria and condescendinly saying he knows
she is important to him. Then why'd ya rip him
from her arms, ya ratfink!

Hottest spoiler because I say so ...
Lucy - oops I mean ABBY - goes full steam ahead
with her trashy reality show, thereby socking it to
the moustache and then some!

Till next time  :)
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