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March 17, 2008
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In Days of Our Lives world …

Thumbs up to
John is ready to go head to head with the Kiriakis empire. This is gonna be good! Speaking of the Kiriakis empire, we also have promising storylines
in the works concerning Victor/Caroline and Phil/Chloe. And the dynamic between Vic and Phil as honchos of the Kiriakis dynasty is dynamite!
Ava sure adds a new dimension to the show. Now let her outta the cage
so she can interact with the rest of the cast!

Biggest Losers

Again, the hospital scenes have been dragged out too long.
Having fickle-in-love Chelsea get drunk just when they might need her for
the emergency transplant was quite idiotic. She used to be the smarter sorority gal. No more. That honor now goes to Morgan, who steps up as Tony’s ingénue …

Hottest Spoiler
Bo wakes up in pretty good shape, surprised he's had an operation!

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In the Young and the Restless world …

Thumbs up to

Remember when the Abbot house was dull? Not anymore! Now we have
got the next phase of the Glo/Jeffrey/Jack/Sharon intrigue. A great idea to have the John lookalike enter the picture! And Jana sure is fun when she
talks about believing in ghosts …
Katherine is writing her book while feeling her health slip away. When folks believe they might not last much longer, they are more likely to bare their
soul and spill the secrets they know. Translation: Get ready for the fallout, Genoa City!

Biggest Losers
Chloe is hyper and a tad mean but we sure feel her pain cos Lily and Cane have become annoyingly smug, with zero energy.
Here’s to hoping Daniel burned the old, redundant Plum’s money storyline along with the actual cash and we have seen the last of it. But wait! He
filmed it so don’t hold your breath, groan.
The extreme cleavage on the show doesn’t belong and makes its wearers
look desperate. Is Heff a new investor or whaaaat?!

Hottest Spoiler
Jack and Sharon’s scheme spirals out of control …

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