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June 11, 2009
Spoilers included!
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

The stellar performance of James Scott! Wow. Love the way he plays
the wronged mafia prince. Kinda like Shakespeare meets Goodfellas.
Nicole and Sami's crying was very well done. There. Now does this mean they will be crying less in the future? One hopes.
Rafe quietly standing by Sami in this difficult time has been poignant.
Chloe and Dan - the heat is on, people!

What's OH SO NOT!
The youngins. Mia mumbles too much and Will still acts like he has a
chip on his shoulder (in addition to that long mop on his head).
Johnny and Aly are adorable and Johnny is a good actor too! This kid
is going places so give him more airtime already and stop shortchanging us!
Killing Grace was not necessary. There could have been yet another twist.
It could have been revealed that Mia was really just her surrogate mom (pregnant via embryo transfer) who took off with the cash, intending to keep the baby she was carrying, and the bio-mom of Grace was a lady who finally caught up with Mia and wanted her baby. That way, Grace could have lived happily ever after with her real mom, Mia would have been freed up for another storyline, and the switch would have been discovered. This would have been an unexpected and plausible twist.
Next time just ask me for help, okay Kenny ...!

Hottest Spoiler
EJ socks it to Sami bigtime at the funeral ...

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In the Young and the Restless world ...

Victoria the art world sleuth. She was good - well, until they went and
got her injured, that is. And JT is such a great detective, it is high time he went back to work with Paul again. Full partners.
Speaking of sleuthing around, I just love the way Nina the writer is so
smart with her loaded questions and gives people this "Are you for real?"
look when she doesn't believe them.
Cane the baddie bar owner. Betcha real Phil confided in the Aussie
bartender about his past life when he was down under, and that's when
they decided to sorta swap lives!
The special effects of shadows and thunderstorms and power failures at
the ranch. Intriguing atmosphere. But an unknown stalker would be more interesting than petulant Adam. That having been said, the new Adam might have a more convincing dark side. We shall see.

What's OH SO NOT!
Daniel's bad decisions. His mom is a smart lady, come on now! He actually thought he could demand his painting back from a criminal, without so much as a water pistol on his person? Geesh.
Billy's flip flopping. Enough already! Give the lad more substance.
Ashley's torment. Umm, is there a point to all this?
Never mind Mary Jane's dead cat and psycho face, Glo's crazy pointing
and finger wagging is back oh no, now we should all be scared!

Hottest Spoiler
It appears Adam the snake only pretends to be gay ...

Till next time  :)
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