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July 29, 2008
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In Days of Our Lives world …

EJ the lawyer. He is slick and smart and looks great in that suit!
Phil the hero, saving Morgan’s life. He’ll pull through. The guy’s
such a cutie, he’d be a supercouple with anyone …
Stefano will be coming back with something they didn’t let him have
the last time – his health! Meanwhile, Kate is lonely and single. Could
be interesting …
Party gal Melanie. This story has possibilities! Does she take after her
yet undisclosed biological mother hint hint?!

What's OH SO NOT!

Salemites have become too easy - with anybody anytime anywhere!
Nobody wanted to see Ava and John hanging all over each other like wet blankets. And it’s easy to turn the TV off, dontcha know …
Some gossip mongers seem to be getting off on the fact that we could
have a new head writer very very soon. Been there, done that. The
viewers have outlasted all the writers already so it’s not as juicy as they
are trying to report. To quote Obama, "you all need to settle down …"

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In the Young and the Restless world …


JT and Paul are a dynamite detective duo. More please.
Devon can sing oh wow can that kid sing! When’s the concert?
The mafia story was interesting. Was poor Sky a casualty?
Is it really over? Stay tuned …
Jeff and Glo’s Jabot plan is utterly delicious and they are bound
to succeed despite someone from their past who shows up with info
that could cost them everything. Can’t wait!

What's OH SO NOT!
Sabrina now dies while young and pregnant and her last few months were made miserable by Victoria, so now why should we care that Victoria is remorseful and Nicky sheds a tear? Too little too late. Furthermore, in an indirect way, Jack, Nicky, Victoria, and Nick all have her blood on their hands, for she would not have been in that car had things been different.

Chloe is kinda funny but her Cane stalking storyline promises to be an
endles dud …

Till next time  :)
The Editor

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