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January 1, 2008
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In Days of Our Lives world

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The mini-intrigues are piling up and the fact that they are not all predictable is fun fun fun! Lots of exciting guessing for viewers to enjoy, ranging from the identity of the mysterious patient to the real Chloe/Brady story

Phil as the new generation of Victor is doing a great job!

Biggest Losers

Some of the younger actresses need to be reminded that whining loudly and  gasping does not a good dramatic performance make. Look at the glorious Marlena, the classy pro with a steady and loyal fan base. She internalizes and she does not need to act, because she IS. It makes her a joy to watch!

Hottest Spoilers
And the hunt is on for the missing Claire!
EJ will have another hunt of his own in store
for his confiscated furniture!

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In the Young and the Restless world

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JT is a really nice guy with an earthy edge, but he is not predictable.
Another unpredictable hunk is Cane of Aussie fame.They keep it interesting. And Victor is like the Trump of Genoa City! Very timely.

Biggest Losers
Year after year after year, if nothing Jack does in business or his
personal life lasts, why should viewers bother paying attention to any of
his storylines? Give the guy a break already!

Hottest Spoilers
Nikki wonders if Victor killed JiMin
Victor is declared the last person to see
JiMin alive

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