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January 14, 2010
Spoilers included!
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

Elvis outsmarting everyone. Bravo! Now Syd can come home, right ...?
The return of Melissa. Lisa Trussel is as likable and sincere as the day
she left Salem. And she has been out of the daytime game for so long, she has not been inflicted with a case of BAH =
Bitter Ageing Has been soap syndrome (yeah, I made that up). Invite her back for good!
The Mickey/Maggie flashbacks where he is the hip rebel traveler stopping
by, looking very Jesus Christ Superstar. Gottta see more of that fun old
story ...
Maggie's performance. Susanne Rogers now stands for
She Undoubtedly Sobs At Nostalgia, Never Ending
Reality One Good Emmy Roll Starts!

What's OH SO NOT!
If anyone in Maggie's house needed a mother, it was teen Mia, not young woman Mel, who is older and wiser than poor Mia. Melanie is not an underage girl needing a legal guardian. But now the independent bride-to-be
will be reunited with the mother she never gave a second thought before?
This promises to be such a boring, drawn out scenario, which will have to include re-writing Mel's life story, that I kid you not, my fingers are getting numb from boredom even as I type this... Time for a twist! Or better yet,
an entire redo!

Rafe is onto EJ, but will he get the evidence he needs ...?
May the best buck win!

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In the Young and the Restless world ...

The King of Cool is en route to the building ... We are now less than
2 weeks away from the arrival of Stephen Nichols as Tucker.
Billy wants the scoop on Adam. Finally the master of sleaze gets to do something worthwhile!
The fact that Brock soon comes to town. Yay!
Victor is back with a vengeance

What's OH SO NOT!
Kevin's bizarre relations that seem to appear suddenly and spread
like germs.
Doc pulling baby switch, then getting killed was a total Days of
Our Lives ripoff.
The fact that Amber and Daniel will have problems - again!
Victor is back with a vengeance.

Till next time  :)
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