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February 23, 2008
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In Days of Our Lives world …

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What an amazing roller coaster ride it’s been, starting with Shirley Jones as Colleen Brady, the revelation of John as a DiMera, then the plane adventure! Now we are back in Salem, with John poised to take the reins of the DiMera empire, the glorious mansion, and swanky Tony and Anna ready to do corporate battle. Utterly delicious! And Ava is fabulously spooky as Steve’s “Fatal Attraction.”

Biggest Losers

Nobody wants to see Bo sick. Wrap it up fast, people!
Love Steve, now let the poor guy lose the distracting patch already …

Hottest Spoilers
Rolf becomes John’s butler, though his loyalty remains with Stefano,
so expect the unexpected …
Immigration comes calling – for EJ!

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In the Young and the Restless world …

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Brad finally gets to move on with a new career. No one wears a suit better. Speaking of appearances, Nikki’s new look is dynamite! Glam glam glam and a new hairdo. Glo could take a lesson from her in how to present yourself as a sophisticated lady.
Still equally dynamite are the conniving couple that Jack and Sharon have become. No more goody two-shoes for Sharon! And Victor’s new clone at the office sure will give the moustache more to smile about every day. Meanwhile, the sets are pleasing to the eye …

Biggest Losers
J.T. in fact does not come from a blue collar background, as is now suggested. He originally came on the show as the spoiled rich boy from a local upper class family!
Poor Phylis now lives in Nick’s shadow. Is that why she yells her lines sometimes?

Hottest Spoiler
Jeffrey gets Gloria exactly where he wants her (use your imagination)!

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