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February 14, 2008
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Ends with SPOILERS
In Days of Our Lives world …

Thumbs up to
John Black is James Bond with intensity. Makes the whole plane scenario fascinating to watch. Bet he’d also look great in a pilot’s uniform!
Days has a great cast on that runaway plane. You can almost feel the temperature dropping as you shiver along!
Baby Ally is an absolute doll!
Welcome back,Vic! He is right – there is much Kiriakis in Chelsea.The
scene where she wanted to hear the Vic/Caroline story was well done ...
P.S. The sets are all fantastic, what with the attention to detail.

Biggest Losers

Chloe is a stunner, but those huge false eyelashes are starting to
look like plants.
Where oh where is our sleeping beauty Stefano …?
Poor ol’ Shawn was ushered away from long lost sis Colleen
after all of 30 seconds!

Hottest Spoilers
Shawn Sr, shows us what a true hero is …
Schemer Nicole returns to Salem!

scroll down for Young and the Restless world!

In the Young and the Restless world …

Thumbs up to

Neil is a fantastic lead, great he now gets decent airtime. He’s got
the whole package – he’s slick, romantic, and a tough competitor in
the corporate world.
Amber and Daniel. They are soooooo cute, makes ya want a whole
spinoff. Misguided blonde bookends that are never dull!
Meanwhile, Jana and Kev and the coffeehouse Valentines décor. Fun
and stunning all around. And she really is sweet, trying to help Amber
and Daniel along.
Sharon and Jack as a conniving couple. Delicious! Look out, Glo and
Jeffrey, you are no match for the new, improved Abbot clan.
Vic Jr. as the new heir apparent. Victor's mini-clone with a heart!

Biggest Losers
Ummm, now that Nick and Phylis are gonna have a trendy fashion mag, maybe they ought to start dressing as such. Extreme makeover time!
Cane and Lily getting together is nice but someone needs to tell them
they are not a 16 year old Romeo and Juliet and how come they don’t
fly to Paris anyway? Not old enough? Fear of flying …?
Nikki’s shadow, the smug David Chow. Puleeease, go away already!

Hottest Spoiler
One of Victoria’s art world friends from Italy comes to town …

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