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February 9, 2009
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Includes spoilers!

In Days of Our Lives world ...

Mia the teen mom who is sweet but smart enough to sense she should be checking up on Nicole and her baby!
Maggie the meddler was a hoot when on the same day she ordered Dan
and Chloe to end their affair, then turned to Steph to grill her on her relationship with Phil!
The snow outside. Very pretty when Salemites are outdoors nowadays.
The assassin is gone, which means no more drawn out fight scenes. Yay!
Chelsea and Max are about to get things off the ground! Too cute. Very When Harry Met Sally! Now all we need is to somehow re-write their
familial connection so there is none.
Rafe, aka Sami's new best friend. Should prove interesting when they all get to Salem cos boy will it change the dymanic!

What's OH SO NOT!
The vet purge. Come on now, Kenny, at least invite them to be recurring!
Nicole has become way too domineering, wearing the pants in every scene she is in. Meanwhile, Sami has become overly dependent.
Hope the mope. Nuff said. One good thing could have happened from Hope staying with Doug and Julie - like if Doug and Julie were there!
Steph criticizing Phil for being "disgustingly rich" while she herself runs around in her expensive outfit and her mother is the chief of  staff at the disgustingly greedy hospital that refused to treat Kate's medical emergency
a few years back, as she did not have coverage or cash. Oink oink!
Maid in heaven? Sister Theresa seems to have morphed into Esther from
the Y&R!

Hottest Spoiler
EJ is determined to marry Nicole, poor lad.

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In the Young and the Restless world ...

The cozy sets. Make ya want to curl up with a nice cup of tea.
Jack's tasteless humor. His latest name for Brad - the bradsicle!
Utterly Jackalicious!
The flashbacks of moments with Brad. What an interesting character!
T'was a good journey.
Colleen's strong will and courage to stand up to Victa Newman. Heck,
she should get the seat on the board, she might liven things up.
Go Colleen go! I am a big fan now.
The Sharon/Nick fling and Phyllis' unexpected reaction. This really is a
good triangle!
Amber and Kevin are a hoot! (but that's to be expected)
Daniel's new image. To quote Murph, "Ya clean up real good!"

What's OH SO NOT!
Ashley, like all of Victor's Stepford wives, has been reduced to a doormat. What a pity.
Cane's pronunciation. Huh?
Scowling, staring Eden and nervously smiling Abby are both in dire need
of acting lessons, sorry to say.
Esther's big boring storyline. Not funny, just annoying.
Lauren wearing her boots inside at home as if they were slippers.
Has she gone biker chick retro or what?!

Hottest Spoiler
Kay's DNA test is a go!

Till next time  :)
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