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August 5, 2010
Spoilers included!
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In Days of Our Lives world ...

Johnny, Ciara, Theo should have scenes together talking about the
crazy grownups in Salem. They are fun little characters ...
Chad/Stefano/Kate. Sizzling dynamic, well acted by all parties.
This is one storyline with fantastic suspense!
More Doug and Julie sightings are imminent. Well, if that's the payoff,
then Hope should by all means remain berserk.
The eerie background music with the lady humming. Mysterious,
different. Good effect.
The hilarious mystique of Dick Baker. He should become Stefano's
personal doctor and reside at the mansion. Oh, the possibilities!
Jennifer is soon back. Most excellent. Now the number of heroines on
Days has climbed to ... ONE (and she's it!)

What's OH SO NOT!
The fact that EJ's sydnapping secret has dragged on this long. It got
stale after about a month. And the proposal was charming, but he
never even told her the name of that London jeweler he got the ring from. Could have been from a street urchin, for all she knows. Why not impress
her with more details?
Rafe hasn't fared much better in the common sense department lately,
given those clandestine FBI interrogations in cafeterias! But hey, he doesn't tell Sami about it, which means we should assume it is all very undercover. Shhh don't tell anyone! (unless it's the mother of your suspect, that is)
Titan's offices are MIA. Did someone run away with the set, vault and all?
It sure was nicer to look at than the family-run hospital Salem now has.
Too many of the same conversations in Salem keep getting repeated
repeated repeated blah blah bloody blah!

Hottest Spoiler because I say so
Stephanie soon knows what Phillip's secret is!

My wish list
I want Father Matt and Caroline to fall in love.

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In the Young and the Restless world ...

Jack decorating the Christmas tree early. Very stylish. In the U.K.,
some stores are already putting Christmas items out for display, due to popular demand. Gives the world something to smile about.
Sky. She is so Dynasty bitchy love it!
Adam lurking about, just to torment the Genoa City regulars. One just
never knows where he will pop up next.
Sharon Case's apparent age reversal.
Paul and Chris. Wow they do still sizzle!
Finally Glo gets a place to be her trashy flashy self with nutty Jeffrey,
at Gloworm. Humor in daytime is a must!

What's OH SO NOT!
What a pity. When Abby first arrived on the scene, I dubbed her the
"Dallas" Lucy of Y&R. But that was then, this is now. She seems to have morphed into a parody of Y&R's Britney Hodges, the short blonde from
an affluent family who caused trouble and loved being a stripper. That character went nowhere, so neither will this one, unless something changes.
And I mean fast. Like yesterday.

Hottest spoiler because I say so ...
Jack regroups.

My wish list
I want Jana to become possessed.

Till next time  :)
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