December 1, 2003
Highly unlikely that Diva Celeste would tell the likes of trash Bonnie all about her latest visions, premonitions, psychic experiences, etc!

Dead woman talking Caroline got to wear the nicest outfit on the show today!!!

November 28, 2003
Tsk tsk! With all these info leaks on the murders, the only thing getting killed here is the element of surprise; i.e. the mystery and the suspense!!!

Celeste's MOTTO: "Someone is going to die!" Speaking of Celeste, why doesn't she lend Sami one of her nice hats so Sami won't have to wear that bargain basement fishing hat anymore!

Hey! Since when did Cassie have more brainpower than Rex so as to solve the murders before him?!

November 26, 2003
Why oh Why would the Bradys believe ANYTHING Rex said - and Why oh Why would they take at face value that he figured out his DNA and guess what - he's a Brady! Smart cops
Bo and Roman would have wondered about his motivation - i.e. he may have invented the tale to cast suspicion off himself as the killer and he may have manipulated Sami and Cassie and Mimi into "blurting out" the truth ...!! Sigh!

Dead Caroline is looking younger by the day! Death most certainly becomes her!

November 25, 2003
No wonder Bo is irate - once more, he had to wear what looked like an undershirt, while everyone else around him got to wear nice clothes! Who wouldn't be cranky?!

November 24, 2003
Yikes! Caroline gets more lines dead than she did when alive!

SHIRTLESS ALERT is Rex! Perhaps we should just save ourselves the hassle and
re-name him Rex with the Rippling Torso - that way, they might even let the lad keep his shirt on from time to time!

November 21, 2003
Today's episode looked like CIRQUE DU SOLEIL with Jan's witch dress, Mickey's Colonel Sanders getup (in Bonnie's hallucination), and Caroline's heavily painted, smiling, talking dead face!!!

All those who have any interest in seeing boring Jan try to break up Shawn and Belle yet again say "Aye." ... The SILENCE is deafening!!!

November 19, 2003
In today's episode ... Marlena is dressed like a regency dandy, Hope looks like a character
out of "The Avengers", Will looks like the spitting image of Austin, and Tek is a dead ringer
for Tom Jones! (in his early years)

We also have

November 18, 2003
If Vic is so concerned about Nicole, aka Big Bird, corrupting Brady, then why does he always storm out of the room, leaving them alone together ???!

November 17, 2003
How unlikely and contrived that Bo and Roman would leave Caroline alone in the minutes leading up to her "demise"! And shame on the writer who thought to TRY AND SENSATIONALIZE  WITH THE SENSELESS MURDER OF A SWEET GRANDMOTHER! DISGRACEFUL! AND TO KILL HER OFF WHILST SHE PRAYS IN CHURCH IS UTTERLY REVOLTING, NOT TO MENTION DISRESPECTFUL TO CHRISTIANS WATCHING THE SHOW!!

Today Rex's
SHIRTLESS ALERT lasted for the entire episode, which begs the question - who on staff is the peeping tom???!

November 16, 2003
The Salem P.D. is clearly floundering - so much so that viewers have no sense of any police department in sleepy Salem - TIME TO BRING BACK ABE! IT IS NOW EVEN MORE EVIDENT THAN EVER THAT ABE CARVER WAS THE SHOW'S REPRESENTATION OF LAW AND ORDER! Viewers, meanwhile, continue to hope that his death was faked ...

November 14, 2003
With all due respect ... When Mr. Reilly re-joined the show as head writer, he was quoted as stating he would not be taking the show in a supernatural direction; however, thus far we have had ghosts, psychic visions/dreams, and now the sky darkens and a casket appears out of nowhere in the middle of a church service! The name of the game is clearly DECEIT!

November 13, 2003
DiMera Mansion without Tony DiMera in it as King of the Castle would be as unlikely and uninteresting as Buckingham Palace without the queen!

Sami's new hairstyle is adorable; Will, however, fared with less luck, as he is still sporting that unsettling cowlick, poor thing!

When is Shawn going to BUTT OUT of official police business?????

Have the writers forgotten that there also exists a sleuthing character called John Black???!

November 12, 2003
Today's SHIRTLESS ALERT was Lucas, who was looking pretty darn fit - ALERT! ALERT!

When are the writers going to give Shawn some INTELLIGENT LINES - and why does he keep stalking Rex like that ...? Everytime we see Rex, Shawn's face appears around the corner, with the same old accusations and statements!

November 11, 2003
The clueless Salem P.D., with the help of Phil, - half of that even more clueless wannabe Hardy Boy team of Shawn and Phil fame - can't even manage to compare Rex's mask to the killer's mask before the whole dang computer blows up (the cheering sound which could be heard for miles was fed up fans, who were hoping the entire cop shop would follow!)
P.S. The viewers figured it out a long time ago, Phil ... FYI the masks don't match!
PPSS Don't quit your day job
PPPSSS Shawn and Philip are fine characters played by great actors - the problem is the writing!!! These teen hearthrobs should be at college, wowing all the gals who tune in to DAYS instead of loitering at the cop shop, where they appear to be annoying prettyboys who think they can tell the police how to do their job ... And that's a fact! Hey, where did John Black go? Looking for Caprice ...?

November 10, 2003
The look and directing of this show are superb, NOW IF ONLY THE DIALOGUE & STORYLINES WOULD START TO MAKE SENSE!!! Bo and Roman share classified police
info with any Tom, Dick or Harry who hangs around the police station (it is called loitering!) while Salemites scurry about, asking each other the ten thousand dollar question ...
"Duh, are you the killer?"!!! The town now acts so dumb that Mr. Bean could be the mayor! (well, why not, seeing as Elmer Fudd is already the serial killer!)

November 7, 2003
Brady's dreadful peach fuzz has expanded so that it presently covers his entire upper lip! (warning: watch out, Nicole, it could be contagious!)

Why did everyone who burst into TONY'S HOME KEEP TELLING HIM TO BE QUIET??!

Oops! From the way today's episode sounded ... someone must have accidentally given Shawn the pages of dialogue containing Bo and John's lines and told him they were HIS lines!!! Why else would he be making Bo/John like statements and calling Tony "DIMERA"??? Does this mean that Bo was accidentally given Shawn's lines so we can expect to see Bo complain about missing his sweetheart Belle???


November 6, 2003
Shawn is a wonderful young man but WHEN ARE THE WRITERS GOING TO REALIZE THAT THE ACTOR WHO PORTRAYS HIM IS NOT COMFORTABLE BEING CONFRONTATIONAL???! He should not be plopped into a dangerous murder investigation - he would do best in romantic or calm scenes (clearly a lover, not a fighter, unlike Rex ...)

Today was another days of

November 5, 2003
Someone should tell these mathematically challenged writers that ...

October 31, 2003
If Shawn, who seems very prone to violence of late, is so convinced that Rex is the killer,

October 30, 2003
Sami's amnesia - for the past month, she has been running around, wondering what secrets
Kate has in her past, but today she suddenly remembers - Kate used to be a prostitute! Is this temporary amnesia going to be explained to viewers, who were not afflicted as the writers evidently were ...?!

October 29, 2003
Salem's Keystone cops are going by Maggie's composite of the killer's eyes, which look exactly like the eyes of a loony toon cartoon character, which means, of course, that the killer may very well turn out to be none other than that dangerous villain, ELMER FUDD!
Watch your back, Bugs! (Bunny, that is)

SHIRTLESS ALERT was Rex, who was wearing so much eyeshadow that one wonders when he is planning to try out for La Cage Aux Folles!

October 28, 2003
If Mickey and Maggie know that the killer wants to kill her, WHY DON'T THEY JUST LEAVE SALEM???!! And what is Mickey saying half the time when he whispers like that ...?!

October 27, 2003
Belle really ought to be written like the mature university student/upcoming designer that
she is, and not a bubblehead 13 year old!

Surely the hospital security staff - or cameras - would have caught the intruder with the mask who climbed in through the hospital window of Marlena's office!


October 24, 2003
Those "killer's eyes" which Maggie draws and Hope also i.d.s are large and round, nothing like the tiny slit like eyes Maggie comes face to face with when she gasps "It's you!"
A little consistency would be nice!!!

October 23, 2003
The laughing voice at the other end of Tony's telephone was "father" yet did not even sound remotely like Stefano ...

October 22, 2003
So, viewers are supposed to believe that only Maggie noticed the freaky looking character with the black cape and hood and demonic, glowing eyes in broad daylight ...?!!! Nobody else paid attention?! Note: As it turns out, that "killer" Maggie said she saw was actually Maggie wearing a hood! (try lightening the picture yourself and you will see ... !)

And just where is Laura, Jennifer's mother, in her time of need?

How unlikely that Dr. Marlena Evans, a professional psychiatrist, would inform Rex and Tony - official suspects - that Maggie was ready to remember the killer's identity!

October 21, 2003
Since when could a group of teens waltz into a police station and request an on the spot lie detector test for a pal ...?!

The character of Rex was brought onto the show as having SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH, yet now his punches don't even knock down Shawn, who is quite a bit smaller than he is!

October 20, 2003
The Tarot Death Card rarely means death; it generally indicates a change which is a blessing
in disguise. It would have been far more ominous/effective had Celeste dropped the
card of the DEVIL!

October 17, 2003
So ... the Salem Keystone Cops cannot even keep a tail on their suspects, now have leaks to the press, and leave their evidence room unguarded and unlocked - when are the taxpayers of Salem going to replace this ineffectual police department! Bo and Hope certainly deserve a more professional department to work in! Furthermore, what was the point of today's talking suspect cards - is the game about to go on sale?!

Today we have
2 SHIRTLESS ALERTS! Brady and Phil - Alert! Alert!

October 16, 2003
Brady repeats himself so often that one almost wonders if one is watching a repeat episode! ("What is going on ... I need answers!")

October 14, 2003
As the investigation intensifies ... so does Roman's mumbling, which means that viewers might never  learn the killer's identity! I can just hear the moment of truth now - "De killar iz debegerehe!"

So, has the I.S.A. been disbanded???

October 13, 2003
The brick lightly tapped Jack on his head so ... what exactly made him bleed like that (other than the makeup department, that is!!!)

The suspects are all paraded through hospital and permitted to stand a few feet away from the latest victim?!!

John Black, representing the Salem P.D., threatens to use "brute force" on Rex in Rex's home!

October 10, 2003
2 SHIRTLESS ALERTS today - Shawn and Rex - ALERT! ALERT!

When will Hercule Poirot arrive to take over the investigation?! Better yet - have
Scooby Doo, Inspector Clouseau or Encyclopedia Brown lend a hand!

YIKES! Could the killer possibly be none other than Vin Ramsel, on a quest to find his
missing pumps?!
(scroll down and read about Ramsel's pumps if this makes no sense to you)

October 9, 2003
Why do the main suspects always end up at Tuscany at the same time ...?!

Diva Kate would surely have found enough time to COMB HER HAIR before entering Tuscany with that disheveled do - shame on the sloppy hair department!

October 8, 2003
Roman's questioning of Sami and Kate is not LEGAL, as no lawyer is present and he questions them in front of each other! And why does he let Lucas pin a drawing on the suspects board?!

Sami wonders what damning info Abe had about Kate ... but the writers have forgotten that Sami used to have very compromising photos of Kate from her past so she knew all about her exploits!

October 7, 2003
Ok ... who put that COUSIN IT wig on Jennifer today ...?!

Where or where is Tony's storyline ... come to think of it, where's Tony???!

October 6, 2003
Today's SHIRTLESS (and almost bottomless?!) ALERT was Rex, dancing around in his underwear for at least half of his airtime in today's episode. Puleaase! This guy is gonna catch cold one of these days!

When Abe's gardener - who has never been seen before today's episode(?!) - says he saw a dark haired woman arguing with Abe, John believes it to be Kate, but ... Kate has blonde hair!!!

October 3, 2003
How unprofessional and foolish of the Salem Keystone Cops to allow Maggie, a civilian, to see the suspects list!

October 1, 2003
TWO SHIRTLESS ALERTS today - both Rex and Shawn - again! ALERT! ALERT!

Belle gets up, unlocks the door and opens it to get the morning paper, then shuts the door, but doesn't bother to lock it - knowing fully well that there is a killer on the loose!

September 30, 2003
Today's SHIRTLESS ALERT was Rex and also Shawn! Two SHIRTLESS ALERTS! Alert! Alert!

Why was there no police officer stationed outside of Abe's home if the cops knew he had important files there, not to mention the fact that he was the police commander! Perhaps the show ought to consider employing a full time police consultant to help the writers out ...?!
Also in today's episode ... Mickey announces that the person who was listening to Maggie and his conversation in the bushes must be the killer! Why would an intelligent lawyer make such an assumption and why did he assume the rustling sound even meant someone was listening in on their conversation?! Are there no owls, skunks, etc in Salem?!

September 29, 2003
How convenient that all the key suspects were lined up at the hospital when Bo announced he had the killer's name!!!

From now on, when a male lead is without a shirt in an episode, we will issue a SHIRTLESS ALERT! Today's SHIRTLESS ALERT was Rex in the shower! Alert! Alert!

September 26, 2003
YIKES! Where were the police guards that were supposed to be stationed in and around Abe's hospital room, considering he is the Salem P.D.'s police commander and someone just tried to murder him???!!

Psychic Diva Celeste would have surely gotten a "vibe" about the possible identity of Abe's shooter, so ... where is said vibe?

September 25, 2003
What is going on with the hair department? First Jack's Austin Power sideburns,
now Will's Dennis the Menace hairstyle!

September 23, 2003
Salem's Keystone Cops do not even think of checking out Abe's home, where he was last heard from?!! ... which begs the question - who then will be responsible for his death - the killer or the Salem P.D. for failing to find him in time, as he was still alive after being shot ? And who will lead the inquiry into this botched investigation?!!

September 22, 2003
Why does Brady, a GUEST at the Kiriakis mansion, act like he is king of the castle and continually assert that everybody - Vic included - must report to him! And furthermore ...
when is Vic going to finally show him the door!

September 19, 2003
When Sami lightly taps the locked box with her flimsy shoe in order to get at the gun inside, the door of the box miraculously swings open!

Methinks Professor Plum did it with the revolver in the study! CLUE!

September 18, 2003
Poor confused Sami married a man called BRANDON, but seems to think otherwise, given how she always refers to him as BRENON!!! Unless, of course, this "Brenon" was yet another husband of hers!

September 17, 2003
Roman tells Abe he always assumed they would be partners at least until they lost their teeth! We won't add our catty comment after that but you can surely imagine what it would be!

So ... Salem's keystone cops, who searched the premises,  didn't find that bullet but Brady did just by glancing around! What a talented young man he is!

September 16, 2003
Oh la la! Seems almost every time we see them, Rex and Shawn manage to take their shirts off! (we won't mention how when Rex was in his tight underwear today, the camera did a closeup of ... because that just wouldn't be polite!)

September 15, 2003
Henderson is too hard of hearing to hear the LOUD gunshot, but moments later miraculously hears the doorbell ring!!!

September 12, 2003
How many years does Bo Brady have to be on this show BEFORE HE GETS TO WEAR A DECENT LOOKING SHIRT?!

September 11, 2003
Sami's tiny handbag looks like a TOYS'RUS creation!

September 10, 2003
Tick tock! Poor Belle had to get thru today's episode with earrings as long as pendulums dangling from her ears - and one of them kept swaying to and fro! Somebody please tell wardrobe that the girl is not supposed to be Big Ben!!!

September 9, 2003
As Jack and Abe confer at Salem Place, a slinky extra walks by and Matt Ashford (Jack)
appears to give her the eye! Tsk tsk!

Monday September 8, 2003
Why was Shawn gesturing like a homeboy? Is he supposed to be thinking of a career in rap?!

12 year old Will is more mature than Sami ... How unsettling ...

Friday September 5, 2003
These Logic Bloopers pertain to recent episodes

As "Suziquzi" points out, it is not very likely that an administrator's office would be so far removed from Kate, etc at Basic Black. Dahlings, I myself had been waiting for the show to explain why Sami was in the janitor's office, but that never happened, so, as Suziquzi was quick to notice, it is indeed intended as the original space of an administrator - far away from anyone, in the basement! How bizarrely uncorporate!

Alyna has pointed out that when Rex and Mimi finished their little lovefest at Rex's DiMera room a little while ago, the door was left wide open by the pair as they
loudly discussed in Tony DiMera's house how Tony DiMera is not his father after all!

Thursday September 4, 2003
In today's episode, it is stated that Belle had to start at the bottom of the corporate ladder at Basic Black, as at first, she had to work from home ... (like Donald Trump)
Working from home is a LUXURY, and is not at all comparable to being shoved in a roach infested basement, so dahlings, the logic was definitely lacking in that explanation ...

Wednesday September 3, 2003
Why did not Abe use his cell phone at the Hortons to call into the station? Because, dahlings, then he would not have had to conveniently go into the other room to use the phone - and hear Tom's ghost speak his name!!!

Brady never invited Mimi to move into his loft, just sister Belle!

Tuesday September 2, 2003
Jack's very 1960s sideburns ... "Yeah, baby!"

Monday September 1, 2003
Good grief! Everytime I see Rex, Shawn or Belle, they take off their clothes - or at least some of them - all in front of the camera! Is this really necessary?!

Friday August 29, 2003
Sami's psycho behavior. Not very funny. One now questions the safety of her child ...

Victor seems to have forgotten that Kate tried to kill him a few years ago ...

Thursday August 28, 2003
If Jack really wished to rummage thru the DiMera trash and find something , why was he making so much noise, and in broad daylight at that?!! Unless, of course, there is more to this than meets the eye!

Wednesday August 27, 2003
Abe, dahling, you should know better than to leave your front door unlocked!!!

Tuesday August 26, 2003
Has anyone ever had a meal at Tuscany without Maggie joining in on their private conversation?!!

This diva is of the opinion that Hope was far more beautiful with a few extra pounds ...

Monday August 25, 2003
If Bo is so worried about intruders at his home, why doesn't he simply get a guard dog!
Surely a former cop would know at least this much!

The wardrobe dept must be experiencing a material shortage - why else would they have fashioned Sami a dress from someone's livingroom drapes, which is what that one she was
put in for today's episode looked like!

Friday August 22, 2003
With that scarf on her head, Hope looks just like a dishonest fortune teller! New viewers will mistake her and Bo for vagabonds or gypsies!

Mimi was slurring like a drunk today! Has Mims been hitting the bottle?! Tsk tsk!

Thursday August 21, 2003
Sami repeats several times she fears not being able to pay bills/support her son, yet none of her rich relations - i.e. mother Marlena or stepfather John - offers to help!

Wednesday August 20, 2003
Shawn states that Rex was ready to take his head off, yet Shawn was clearly the one who
lunged at Rex first!!!

Tuesday August 19, 2003
Hmmm ... as pointed out time and time again, the "desirable" names of Salem are either Brady or Horton and DiMera is an undesirable name. As a non-Anglo background person, I do wonder, dahlings, if this doesn't just seem a tad like the mindset of an Archie Bunker type biggot?! Are ANY desirable names of Salem non-English sounding?

Monday August 18, 2003
Shawn is a charming young man ... but why oh why was he grinning when he started
to get angry at Phillip! Come to think of it, he used to laugh at the other Phillip as well!

Thursday August 14, 2003
Where oh where was the DiMera housekeeper as anyone and everyone traipsed around the DiMera mansion today, and then broke in!!!

How odd that almost immediately after his major head surgery, Bo is up and about, ready for action!
(that logic blooper courtesy of Michelle)

Wednesday August 13, 2003
How tawdry of Rex to keep vanishing into his bedroom with Mimi, whilst under the roof of his would-be father - time to get a place of your own, lad!

Given that Rex was able to torch his shirt in his room, t'would seem there are no smoke detectors properly installed at the DiMera mansion! Tony would be appalled!

Tuesday August 12, 2003
Very touching of Shawn to pray for his parents, but wouldn't he have wanted to be closer to them, and not in the chapel for ever so long ... unless, of course, the priesthood beckons! Imagine that - Shawn and Belle; "Thornbirds, the Next Generation!!!" (for all you youngins, "Thornbirds" was a 1980s miniseries about a priest and the woman he loved ...)

Monday August 11, 2003
Yikes! Was Jennifer supposed to look like a MADAM today???!

Friday August 8, 2003
"Where's your conscience!" Hope snaps at Lucas, having just returned from

Thursday August 7, 2003
Lucas asks Sami if she even has a "high school degree" but a "degree" is a minimum 3 year university program - smart Lucas should have known it was a high school DIPLOMA,
unless, of course, you may now become a lawyer or doctor at high school!!!

Wednesday August 6, 2003
YIKES! If all of Salem is to model in this scandalous fashion show, then who is left to be in the audience ...? I myself shall be on the lookout for the crew and their families!

Tuesday August 5, 2003
Lava is very hot liquid rock, which becomes solid hard rock on contact with water, so ...
the goop explanation makes no sense! Dr. Rolf would be appalled!

The prospect of decent people with families in Salem being killed off by this serial killer is  maddening! And why has Tony suddenly become an extra in a hospital bed whilst others cavort about his mansion in their swimsuits! I do hope Stephano puts a curse on all those writers who  let anyone and everyone hop about his study! Dahlings, I myself am mere moments away from jumping ship and joining Mascolo at "Bold and Beautiful" as well! Tony's ship may have been blown up, but the ship that was once "Days of Our Lives" might just be sinking faster than the Titanic if the DiMera mansion is to become
Grand Hotel!

Friday August 1, 2003
For years Nicole was the president of Titan, her photos splashed all over the place, and no one recognized her as the porn star from "Locker room Lolita." Now, however, the writers have suddenly made her porno past part of her storyline - as of 2 days ago, that is - and all of a sudden, today she is recognized and taunted as Locker room Lolita! How painfully convenient!
In addition, why she is wearing such drab duds all of a sudden - so as not to upstage ungroomed, poorly dressed wannabe hero Brady ???!

Why are the women of Salem suddenly such submissive doormats who question the value of anything they do and only exist to moon over their man!!!

Thursday July 31, 2003
The Salem P.D. - aka the Keystone Cops - have deduced that the fibers found on Larry match the Kiriakis stables! Evidently Victor Kiriakis owns the only horses in Salem or the Keystone cops did major DNA testing - on all the horses! (none of which has ever been spotted, only to add to the mystery!)

Somebody buy the DiMera housekeeper a new pair of shoes, please! It takes her half of today's episode just to climb the stairs and tell Rex he has a visitor! (come to think of it, might she have inherited Ramsel's pumps?!)

Wednesday July 30, 2003
Sami has gone back to bobbing up and down while saying her lines ...!!! How dizzy
are the viewers supposed to get?!

Tuesday July 29, 2003

Shawn, dahling, do stop slurring your words!

Monday July 28, 2003
Whatever happened to Celeste's paperdolls, those 5 "C"s ...
T'would seem they did not stand for "Continuity"!!!

John's squinting -apparently the I.S.A. has no employee optical plan!

Friday July 25, 2003
Until Lexie is called and arrives on the scene, no doctor appears to be present to attend to severely bleeding Tony, who just got stabbed  ... in the hospital ER!!!

Thursday July 24, 2003
While in the slammer (?!), Maya has had her hair stylishly dyed with blonde highlights!

Prior to taking a shower after working out, wet Jennifer gives well dressed, very clean Hope a big, sweaty bearhug! Ewww! Brave Hope has to grin and bear it!

Now, dahlings, I know I have made transvestite jokes before ... but I could almost swear that Maya's prison guard today was a man with a wig and uneven socks stuffed in his shirt!

Wednesday July 23, 2003
No patients' rights??? Half dead Larry has to put up with anyone and everyone barging into
his hospital room and being nasty! No hospital security!!! Furthermore, since princely Craig's unwarranted departure, there is no chief of staff ...!
(unless, of course, Nurse Brenda got a promotion!)

Tuesday July 22, 2003
Ouch! In their background moments at Belle's loft, Philip and Cassie huddle together, looking at c.d.s but just as Phil leans over to say something to Cassie, she raises her hand to gesture and ends up smacking the poor dahling in the face! Philip, trooper that he is, doesn't bat an eye (could he still blink?) and forges on with their background scene regardless ... oh, the physical risks of doing a scene with Cassie ...!

Monday July 21, 2003
Dour Hope looked like Carmen's mother with that flower in her hair!

Thursday July 17, 2003
Cassie wonders if she should dye her hair blonde, but when she was supposed to be Marlena's daughter, she was naturally blonde!!!!! Wanted: Liaison between the hair and writing departments! Or, better yet, writers who take the trouble to actually LOOK at the actors
every now and then! No wonder Cassie is so confused!

Wednesday July 16, 2003
Yikes! Nowadays Kate sounds just like Bette Davis in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane"!!!

Tuesday July 15, 2003
"I am not going to sit here and listen to this!" Cassie tells Philip ... while she is STANDING!!!

Friday July 11, 2003
Since when did nice boy Shawn walk around with a pair of handcuffs in his pocket?!

Thursday July 10, 2003
Wanted: Writers who can do math!!! Roman ponders whether he and Kate should have a baby, but ... Kate is the biological mother to Billie, who is over 30 years old, which means that Kate's biological clock doesn't even tick anymore!!!
Speaking of Diva Kate, she is being written totally out of chatacter (alert!alert!), suddenly wimpering that she is "scared" of Sami ...???!!!!! Just because she's dating upstanding citizen Supercop, doesn't mean she should suddenly go from being Joan Collins to Sandra Dee, nor is
it in the least bit likely ...!!!!!

Wednesday July 9, 2003
Ever notice that Bo and Hope's odd looking"bail jumpers" always end up at Club Echelon,
just basically hanging around, undisguised, waiting to be caught ...
Bonnie and Clyde's "Bounty Huntin'" escapades rank right up there with "In the Outhouse"!

Amazing news! The first non-transvestite Club Echelon hostess was revealed today
(the lucky girl is Cassie)!

Maya dahling, please do cut down on your oyster intake ...!

Apparently there exists no close circuit television or security of any other kind at the
Kiriakis estate! And where are all those employees Vic was boasting about? On strike ... ?!
Does this mean that Henderson and Nico are scabs ...?!

Tuesday July 8, 2003
Hope once more dons her Bonnie and Clyde get-up, this time as a would-be Club
Echelon girl pushing 40! Sigh! When are the writers going to give the "over 40" actresses
a dose of dignity, instead of making them appear to be desperado wannabe 18 year olds ...?!

Monday July 7, 2003
Tough guy Larry can hardly hold that gun - when he starts to raise it, to show Nicole how
he will expertly aim at the Greek tycoon, he fumbles and almost drops it!!! Re-take anyone?!

Wednesday July 2, 2003
Cassie tells Lucas "Thanks for making me feel special" when just seconds earlier, she had complained that he brought her to a dive!

Speaking of Lucas and Cassie's would be encounter ... they are at the "Dew Drop Inn", that famous inn on Walton's Mountain!!!

Tuesday July 1, 2003
Brady's slovenly slouching at the Kiriakis dining table ... Martha Stewart (aka Hattie)
would be appalled!!!

In today's episode, Phillip's shirt is so tiny/tight, the buttons are about to start popping! Somebody buy the boy a wardrobe that fits, please!!!

Tek's talking - or should I say slurring! (has he been out partying with Vin Ramsel perhaps?!)

Monday June 30, 2003
Puleeease stop that endless ELEVATOR MUSIC  at the Bluenote!

After the thugs try to kill he and his wife, Bo announces "This just got personal" when
they dare to steal his new SUV ...  Evidently he cares more about his truck than he or Hope's
life ...?????! (i.e. it wasn't "personal" till they took his truck)
What an odd and inappropriate thing to make him say!

Friday June 27, 2003
Desperately Needed: Fast Moving Stunt doubles for Bo and Hope, who act like dynamite but do those fight scenes in such slooooow motion one wonders if the tv/vcr is on slow play...!

Thursday June 26, 2003
In his shaving scene today, Brady makes no move to shave off that very obnoxious
peach fuzz ... More's the pity!

For the second time in a week, Belle is ordered by Philip to strip down to her underwear
so that they can escape, which begs the question - just which writer on staff is so preoccupied with seeing her in her underwear ... and is this to be a weekly event???!

Wednesday June 25, 2003
The Kiriakis stables, supposedly filled with horses, are always left unguarded and there is apparently little security on the grounds, too (i.e. how could Larry's flunkie have met Nicole there without being noticed and how could they have been coming and going with Rolf's dead body and now Larry's live one!) Nico should be fired and just how streetsmart is old Vic anyway! Today Vic even boasts to Brady that there are so many servants in his employ, he cannot possible count them all ... but evidently  none goes near the stables!

Tuesday June 24, 2003
In today's episode of "In the House", Jack and Jennifer await the arrival of a Chinese master ("Wong") to come and teach them about self-defense, but they are wearing taekwondo uniforms and belts and taekwondo is a Korean martial art, not Chinese!!! They got it all wong!

In an attempt to perhaps convince viewers that he has never worn the pumps of a Club Echelon transvestite (as previously mentioned), Vin Ramsel has decided to give viewers a taste of his best Hanibal Lecter impersonation ...! Stay tuned - next week he could be Herman Munster!

Monday June 23, 2003
So many scenes at the Kiriakis stables ... where  there hasn't been a single horse sighting yet!

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