Friday, March 28, 2003
Would someone please  tell Jack and Jennifer to stop trying to act like Doris Day and Cary Grant! Humor is one thing, but FOOLISHNESS quite another! And why was the show playing that Pink Panther imitation music in the background during their scenes...?!!

Thursday March 27, 2003
Hope, dahling, when will you cease touching/flipping your hair every second!

Jennifer's sputtering  - it has returned!

Was Sami supposed to look like Gypsy Rose Lee today?

Wednesday March 26, 2003
Bo Brady, seasoned cop,  would be more professional than to discuss the details of a covert police investigation with his baby toting wife at the station, and not tell anyone else in the department the investigation details he had decided to share just with his emotionally fragile wife! Sloppy writing!

Tuesday March 25, 2003
Brandon, the trained psychologist, continues to act very confrontational and verbally abusive toward Sami, Lexie and Abe! Not very realistic!

Monday March 24, 2003
Maternal Marlena would never have forgotten about the twins or being with them!
That is totally out of character!!!!!

Wednesday March 18, 2003
Why do the Blacks have an alarm system in their penthouse if it is never ON???!
When Marlena unlocked the door and entered today, it was OFF and then when she left, she still left it OFF (and did not appear to lock the door, which Tony gallantly closed for her!)

Tuesday March 18, 2003
Was Hope on her way to a costume party in that 1960s "Funnygirl" hat ... and why was
she wearing it inside ...?????!!

Bo's insubordination with Abe - why does no one respect the commander!

Monday March 17, 2003
Please, not another corrupt attorney story ...! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday March 14, 2003
Dearest Wardrobe ...
When are you going to put John Black in
a suit which becomes or properly fits him ...?!
No wonder the poor darling is always so angry!

Thursday March 13, 2003
Was Sami supposed to look like a homeless raggedyann in that getup ...???!!

Tuesday, March 11. 2003
John Black gets dressed in black so as not to be seen when breaking into DiMera mansion,
BUT IT'S BROAD DAYLIGHT!!! In addition, he stomps noisily around the mansion, making no attempt to be quiet! Maxwell Smart, eat your heart out!!!

Bo Brady is given the same line by writers - on a daily basis ...
"Somethin's goin' on!" Enough!

March 4, 2003
Belle continues to wallow in self-pity, this time because she has a long lost sister (her only one!)

Speaking of family ... why do Brady and Rex look like brothers!

March 8, 2003
Belle's babyish courtroom outbust. Very amateur performance. Why didn't she just stick her tongue out at the meanie judge or meanie D.A. ...! Boohoo!

Thursday February 27, 2003
Belle is more upset about the fact that Shawn confided in Cassie, not her, than the fact that he may spend the rest of his life in lockup!!!

Dahlings, please tell me that after all that hype, Colin was not the one who shot Colin ...!!!

Monday February 24, 2003
Brady put that electronic cd player so precariously close to the edge of his and Chloe's very
full and very wet hot tub, just an inch more and ...one would not have been surprised to see
the pair end up electrocuted!!!

The 2 cops guarding Hope's house  can't figure out what to do when the door won't open and they suspect foul play but they keep banging on it with conviction, until, that is, the boy wonder (Shawn) shows up and proves what a smart lad he is by being the only one who thinks to break the window ...! Not the finest hour of Salem's keystone cops!

Desperately seeking Harold ... Where did he go?!

Friday February 21, 2003
Victor tells Nicole he will make her pay for the rest of her life, but her life will be
considerably longer than his, given that he is at least 40 years older ....!

Thursday February 20, 2003
Those overplumped lips of Rex's are starting to make him look like a
very dour alien boy ...!

Tuesday February 18, 2003
John Black, shirtless squatter at the DiMera Compound, happily makes steaks in
Stefano's bedroom for Marlena on Valentine's Day...????!

Why is Maggie touched when Mickey reserves them a private table at HER restaurant ...
and how could she not have known about it, seeing as she is always there!!!

Thursday February 13, 2003
John and Marlena squatters ...?!! Who invited them to sleep over at the DiMera Compound,
which they also broke into ...! How can John accuse Tony of breaking the law!!!

Bo Brady, street smart cop, would have noticed that his son was strung out due to a drug ...

Tuesday February 11, 2003
The Dew Drop Inn (Larry's motel) WAS THE NAME OF THE INN ON
WALTON'S MOUNTAIN!!! Egads! Could Larry possibly be rooming with JohnBoy ...!!!

Monday February 10, 2003
Larry continues to run around Salem, in broad daylight, undisguised
and unrecognized ...?!!! Not as if he wasn't well known in those parts, high
profile crook/politician that he was!!!

Thursday February 6, 2003
Brandon's mouth twitching continues!

Is this the new "General Hospital"? Why so many hospital scenes? Surely there are more intriguing places for Salemites to congregate!!!

Wednesday February 5, 2003

Brady planting flowers outside and calling it "Chloe's Garden" sounds eerie,
grim and somewhat like a cemetery! Gives one the shivers!

Thursday January 30, 2003
Tall Nicole, in that puffy feather coat, with her thin legs sticking out, looked just like
Big Bird today!!!

Shawn continues to look dumbfounded, befuddled, but not much else ...!

Tuesday January 28, 2003
Where or where is Harold ...?!!!! Can he please have a scene/line/story/life? Seeing that his papa OWNS the newspaper, shouldn't Jack and Jennifer be working for him instead of the other way around?!!

Wednesday January 22, 2003
Brandon's lip biting and smacking when alone - not dramatic acting, dahling!

Cassie's summer top in mid-winter ...?!

Monday January 20, 2003
How could Larry manage to walk thru Salem, to Hope's house, with that strange white make up on, without attracting any attention ...!

Thursday January 16, 2003
Chloe, wearing a verrrry lowcut top, puts her coat on (she doesn't button it, doesn't look like she could!) to go out in the COLD winter weather!!!

Tuesday January 14, 2003
Why didn't John tell the horrified crowd that he is not related to Stefano, just his wife Daphne, which means he is not really a DiMera at all ...!

Friday January 10, 2003
Why does Shawn's mouth hang open every time he is supposed to be thinking!!!

Wednesday January 8, 2003
Yesterday Sami's evidence laden gloves were black but today they have suddenly become brown! Continuity blooper!

When Commander Abe Carver requests her to speak with him on police business, Jennifer haughtily replies she would rather see Jack first ... A tad highhanded for a mere citizen, are we not ...!

Tuesday January 7, 2003
Sami's "disguise" when she takes her evidence laden gloves to the dumpster, is a black hat, with her long, blond hair cascading about her shoulders!!! What disguise ...?! Dahlings, Samantha is smarter than that! Naughty wardrobe person who underestimated her character! No blond stereotyping, please!!!

Friday January 3, 2002
When it is discovered that Brandon has left the Kiriakis mansion, Fay goes outside to look for him on the cold and dark Kiriakis grounds, but what made her assume he was outside ...?!

Thursday January 2, 2002

Chloe, with her today's hairstyle, eye makeup and gown, once more looks like an Elvira wannabe ...!

Tuesday December 31, 2002
Colin hands Nicole the videotape without first bothering to open the envelope she hands him ... For a slick blackmailer, he certainly is sloppy!

Monday December 30, 2002
Shawn's continual slurring ... (diction lessons are not expensive, dahling!)

Now that he is about to be killed off, Colin's hair is oiled back, as if to prove what a bad guy
he is!

Thursday December 26, 2002
When is the makeup department going to wake up and realize that the lovely Jennifer looks even lovelier without the wrong color lipsticks they keep painting on her ...!

Someone needs to tell the writers that ...
Too Much Sex Makes you shortsighted ...!!!!!

Wednesday December 25, 2002
When bidding Philip farewell and hugging him, Shawn appears to be blushing! Oh la la!

Monday December 23, 2002
The interior of the Kiriakis mansion now looks like a church! Is the Greek tycoon planning to repent ...? Not likely!

Friday December 20, 2002
How convenient that there just happens to be an axe next to Philip and Chloe's tree so he can chop down said tree in a fit of rage!!!

Wednesday December 18, 2002
While Sami is standing near her station, Brandon grabs her by the shoulder and demands "What are you doing?!" ?????

Nicole's black dress looks like a leftover Halloween costume!

Tuesday December 17, 2002
The lovely Isabella is stuffed up and hoarse today, but, dahlings ...

Monday December 16, 2002
Chloe curls up on the sofa with her winter boots on the expensive cushions!!!

Thursday December 12, 2002
Billie accuses Roman of sleeping with her mother in order to make her jealous ... How odd! Billie's character oft makes no sense at all

Tuesday December 10, 2002
Chloe's clown makeup and inability to blink make for a very unsettling combination ...
(shame on the makeup people, for she is naturally a lovely girl!)

Monday December 9, 2002
Belle's birthday cake looks like a dead snowman!

Thursday December 5, 2002
Every time Marlena is agitated or disagrees with him, John tells her to go to sleep on the
sofa ...!

Wednesday December 4, 2002
Chloe and Brady leave a note for the cabin owner yet they do not reimburse him for all of his food supplies they have eaten the past several days! Shameful!

Tuesday December 3, 2002
Where is Shawn - the son of a cop, a student, who doesn't even have a part time job - suddenly getting all that money to spend ...?!

Monday December 2, 2002
Why was Hope wearing boots inside and on the sofa ...? Naughty wardrobe people!

Chloe, the "virgin" sure acts like she's been around the block a couple of times (and then some!) in those love scenes with Brady (she almost seems more experienced/less bashful  than him!)

Friday November 29, 2002
There are those who say Marlena Evans/ Deidre Hall is a very good sport, considering that Martha Stewart has copied her look/image! Egads! Could Martha Stewart possibly be Hattie?!

Wednesday November 27, 2002
Craig would not have forgotten, for all this time, that he had made love to Nancy at the time Chloe was conceived!!!

Tuesday November 26, 2002
In today's episode, Jennifer is dressed like a fortune teller in those long clothes and earrings, and Belle looks like a race car driver!

Such excitement at the hospital, but where was the hungry press??? And if they were kept at bay, where were the cops who kept them away??? Lexie would have been mobbed upon exiting!

Monday November 25, 2002
Sami keeps twitching like a junkie ... Is this intentional?

Friday November 22, 2002
Brady's suave French waiter imitation sounds just like Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau!!!! Oops!

Thursday November 21, 2002
Upon seeing Tony DiMera in Tony DiMera's house, John Black, who is trespassing on the DiMera's property, snarls "What are you doing here!", making one wonder just what the IQ
of this man is ...

Dust everwhere in those old secret rooms, yet the sheet covering Marlena's portrait is fresh and crisp as something from a TIDE commercial!

Wednesday November 20, 2002
Gadzooks! Hope has been kidnapped by the Man From Glad!!!

The writers have made Chloe and Brady far too flippant about waking up in the middle of nowhere ...

Tuesday November 19, 2002
While driving thru the foggy mountain road, Brady turns to passenger Chloe. "You nervous about my driving?" She should be! He rarely has his eyes on the road ahead for the entire scene!

Monday November 18, 2002
Viewers must be made aware that the "Bo Killed Lexie" story is not real and is a set up ASAP
Otherwise, DAYS will look like it has entered the twilight zone, with half of Salem being shocked that Bo has "killed" Lexie, the other half seeming flippant ...!

Friday November 15, 2002
Larry and Hope are fine actors and are believable but Hope's dungeon  door is not, for it is sooo evidently thin, light wood, and very flimsy! (silly person who allowed that closeup!)

Thursday November 14, 2002
After attacking a prisoner, Detective Bo Brady is still at the police station and then permitted to walk around Salem a free man ...? Yikes!

When he discovers Marlena on his jet, supposedly surprised, John seems to focus more on that wad of gum he is chewing - chomp chomp! Wonder where it goes when he kisses her moments later ...!

Tuesday November 12, 2002
Victor to Kate: "If you know what's good for you, you'll take this meeting!" You cannot
TAKE a meeting, you can take a phone call but you ATTEND a meeting ...! Wouldn't a
savvy businessman like Vic know at least this much?!

Nicole and Victor smugly go home after threatening Kate, but they leave her alone in Victor's office and she is not only their worst personal enemy but also works for Basic Black, their biggest competitor ...! (Is the Greek tycoon going senile perhaps?)

When she thinks he is in a business meeting with a client, Marlena knocks on John's office door and rattles the locked doorknob ...?!

Brandon's hair ("That 70s Show"???)

Nicole is wearing one of Cruella Deville's dresses today! (but Halloween is over, dahling!)

Monday November 11, 2002
Bo is a smart cop so why does he spend so much time talking and accusing Lexie and punching filing cabinets instead of trying to decipher the message he knows is in Hope's letter ...?!

Friday November 8, 2002
One almost expects John Black's shoe to start ringing ... "Hello, chief, it's Max!"
He is Maxwell Smart and Marlena can be 99! (a joke for the over 30 crowd)

Chloe's pantomime makeup

Jennifer, the wide eyed, sputtering "reporter" acts like someone lost in a Doris Day movie ...

Thursday November 7, 2002
The Salem P.D.'s unlawful overnight confinement of Brandon Walker. His crime? Knowing Lexie!

Wednesday November 6, 2002
Salem's keystone cops didn't bother to question Billie about the circumstances in which she "found" Hope's sweater ...

Celeste, Salem's resident PSYCHIC, thinks Lexie knows where Hope is ...(?!)
Conclusion: Celeste was not written as Celeste today!!! Out of character alert!

Tuesday November 5, 2002
Those cops are mean! Somebody call Johnny Cochrane, please ...!

Chloe, looking mighty uncomfortable in her big black Carmen veil/headpiece, never takes it off, whether at the hospital or at Brady's place! (wonder how she made it thru the door ...!)

Monday November 4, 2002
Kate and Sami's masks hardly cover their eyes and they are both easily recognizable! Not much of a disguise for 2 street smart divas who wouldn't have taken the chance of dangerous Vic being able to place either of them at the scene of the impersonation!

Sykes now relocating to Salem ...? So coincidental it's a cliche! Would it not have proven more interesting to have him come to Salem to find Chloe, having heard she was his daughter and wanting to save her life, only to have the blood tests reveal that he is NOT her papa, much to the horror of both Craig and Nancy ...?!

Friday November 1, 2002
Jack, supposedly a super sleuth reporter, doesn't recognize Zack as Larry strolls by with him?!

Shawn Jr barges into Abe's office and Bo then fills him in on classified police info - in front of Abe! Come on, now, we all know U.S. police stations do not operate like a family run business!

Jennifer was wearing Cousin It's wig yet again ...!

Thursday October 31, 2002
Brady, the world's first blonde Zoro, kisses Chloe passionately and then wonders aloud if they are more than friends ... (?!)

Wednesday October 30, 2002
Shame on the naughty writers - for today's very unfun logic bloopers!
First of all, valley girl Belle is surely not Nancy Drew, so why would she, of all the people in Salem, be cleverly suspicious of Dr Rolfe, whom she also seems to think looks familiar!!!

The class at Salem U was like a light hearted high school class which asked students their opinions, not a university class at all!!!

Belle had the nerve to butt in and question her prof's motives when he asked Cassie and Rex if he could see them in his office and
he then asked her if it was ok with her ... (?!)  Professors would have either kicked her out of the course or told her to get lost for that kind of insolence!

Chloe, dressed like a slinky ghoul girl, goes to the pier all alone at night to meet a secret admirer ... and she is supposed to be street smart! This is not only out of character for Chloe but also a bad message for young women about how to stay safe!
Never do this, dahlings!

Tuesday October 29, 2002
Nicole calls Sami and Kate witches, yet she is the one who looks like a witch today, with her long face, harsh makeup and that strange shawl!!! (she also acts like one)

Why is it that every time Brandon is having an important conversation his hospital pager goes off!

Monday October 28, 2002
Was the John Black spy school scene supposed to be humorous ...?

Nicole's glow in the dark eyeshadow, raccoon eye makeup and bizarre wig ...
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Looks like someone's in costume a tad early!

Billie and Larry's lame phone conversations ...
Ring ring! "I'll keep you posted"
"You'd better!"

Friday October 25, 2002
Bo thinks Billie is an ally, while Shawn suspects she was involved with Hope and Zack's disappearance. Translation: Bo is clueless but Shawn is street smart ... Not likely!!!

Celeste is just tooo gorgeous ... so where are the suitors and admirers?!!!

Wednesday October 23, 2002
Stop the cop abuse of power, please!

Tuesday October 22, 2002
While expressing his worry over his missing mother and brother, Shawn GRINS!!!

Is Chloe supposed to be  dressed like a "lady of the evening"???

Monday October 21, 2002
Why is wardrobe dressing Belle like YODA?????

Philip keeps smiling like a Moonie ...

Friday October 18, 2002
We have Hope, Bo, John, Marlena, Tony, Cassie, Rex and Stefano's memory.
Billie, however,  serves no purpose. Enough is enough!

Thursday October 17, 2002
Today's teen tragedies:

1) Philip's porcupine hair (it came back!)

2) Belle's hands (where were they?? Sleeves, sleeves, and more sleeves but no hands!)

3) Shawn's continuous grinning amid serious lines, as if to say "This is so stupid, it's cracking 
    me up!"

Tuesday October 15, 2002
Belle, to Shawn, when he presents her with a bracelet ...
"Can you put this on my
inkle ...?" (ankle?!)

Monday October 14, 2002
That big black ribbon on Jennifer's choker makes her look like a funeral gift!!

Flashbacks,flashbacks and more flashbacks!

Victor huffs and he puffs and he blooows your house down! (but not much more)

Hasn't Hope already been kidnapped enough times in her life?!!! Been there, done that!

Wednesday October 9, 2002
Billie, on her cell phone, slurs "Tell the mayor I need a little more time reporting for duty again" but it sounds like she says "Tell DIMERA I need a little more time ..."!!!!!

Tuesday October 8, 2002
That violin was so loud (squeak squeak!), it was almost impossible to hear Victor's romantic words to Nicole on the terrace!

The  flashbacks are too frequent and tooooo long! (viewers - who are not senile -  will think they have rewound their tapes too far back) 

Monday October 7, 2002
When he laments to Belle about losing Chloe, Philip, supposedly devastated, moans "I am dying here", but he is GRINNING!

Speaking of Belle, she did not succeed in hiding that chipped dark purple nail polish she had on her short nails, despite her best efforts (of pulling her sleeves down, etc)

Friday October 4, 2002
At the beginning of the scene where Nancy and Craig tell Chloe about Nancy's pregnancy, Nancy has almost no lipstick on, then in the middle of the scene, she suddenly has a lot of
dark lipstick on!
Continuity Blooper!

Does the hospital basement area where the twins are held look familiar ...?
It should - it used to be the girls locker room at Salem High!!!

Thursday October 3, 2002
When Belle hears she has won the heartbreaker award, she frowns as though she is in pain

As the college kids leave to go to the football game and Philip tags along, he slurs his words,
as though he is still drunk, though moments earlier he sounded sober, as he is now supposed
to be

Wednesday October 2, 2002
Belle goes to bed wearing the same heavy black eye makeup she wore to Chloe's party that night ... How about washing one's face?!

Does Abe now live at the hospital ...?

Tuesday October 1, 2002
Philip tells papa Vic that he doesn't want to go to college, then heads back to the college dorm to hang out with his college pals. For someone who doesn't want to go to college, he is certainly spending a lot of time on campus!!!

Monday September 30, 2002
Jack and Jennifer foolishly believe all the anonymous info they receive about the Gemini twins

Why is Spector trying to look like Elvis?!

Friday September 27, 2002
Marlena probably would have pointed out the twins' rights and gotten them an attorney once it was learned that they were human. It is a sad day in Salem, when having been seen by so many supposed protagonists (Marlena, John, etc), Rex would have to resort to finding help on the Internet in order to regain his civil liberties.

Thursday September 26, 2002
To any new viewers, it must appear rather odd that the writers have Tony and Lexie often speak to their dead father's urn, about helping them, the DiMera legacy, etc. An occasional ghost might prove more effective than an inanimate object like an urn - for those who have no memories of Stefano, that is ...

Colin is now an expert at manipulating sophisticated security cameras in a matter of seconds.  We are hoping this will be explained to viewers in an intelligent and logical manner
(see Rumors Central page)

Wednesday September 25, 2002
Chloe tells Brady "I feel worn down" when she should have said "I feel worn out."
People are "worn down" when someone has succeeded in convincing them of something, which was not the case here. The grammar police strike again!

Philip's porcupine hair (yet another attempt to make viewers dislike the actor, who has not
re-signed his contract? Hmmm...)

Nicole, at the beginning of today's show, was strong enough to go down to the morgue and attack Sami, when yesterday she couldn't even walk! (by the end of today her weak state had returned)

Tuesday September 24, 2002
Sami left her apartment door open and Kate left her office door open, enabling characters to barge in and confront them. Too convenient and also too obvious when the camera does a closeup of the open door in a scene!

Sly reporter Jack, on his gaurd at the dangerous DiMera mansion, is clever enough to play Bart and Colin against one another, attempt to trick Tony, yet he leaves his cell phone, his only method of communication with the outside world, unattended on a table in the hall so that it can be conveniently taken by Colin ...

Monday September 23, 2002
Laina tells us ...
Wolves travel in packs and never alone, so Brady and Chloe never would have heard
a single wolf's howl ... perhaps a coyote!

Friday September 20, 2002
Those howling wolves in the distance sounded oddly human ... (Colin and his silver bullet perhaps?!)

What did he say ...?! (Shawn and Dozer's slurring)

Thursday September 19, 2002
Celeste refuses to help Lexie win Abe back because she feels Abe has already been hurt too much. Why would she put Abe's happiness before the happiness of her child ...?!
(she wouldn't, which is why this is a logic blooper)

Jennifer believes she may have misjudged Colin after he fills her in on the truth about Africa but she did not ever suspect him of anything in Africa! The writers seem to have forgotten that Jennifer is angry at Colin and suspicious of him because of how he gave her a cold brush off when she followed him to IRELAND ...!!! And whatever happened to that Shawn Sr, Colin, mysterious Ireland story we were promised !!!

Wednesday September 18, 2002
Wardrobe accidentally put Cousin It's wig on Jennifer today ...

Why does Sami always go on the rooftop?

Abe's lines are being written like the lines of John Black in mercenary mode. For example, when he barks at Lexie "Mickey's office. This afternoon. Be there!" Is Abe a DiMera mercenary as well?!!

Tuesday September 17, 2002
The flowers which Roman gives Kate look very plastic and very fake ...

Monday September 16, 2002
While deep in discussion with Chloe, assuring her she will not die, instead of looking directly  at her, Philip looks far over to his right, three times, in order to read his touching lines from the teleprompter, which he continues to address!

Colin the cad tells Tony not to rely on Sami because "You shouldn't send a little girl to do a man's job ..." And just what century is he (or are the writers) in ...?!

Thursday September 12, 2002
Billie, with her oversized hat and black eye make up, looks more and more
like Charlie Chaplin ...

Couldn't the mayor see he was too tall for Billie? (kinda like Lurch  meets Dr.Ruth)

Monday September 9, 2002
Belle, to Marlena, upon hearing that she will take good care of the twins ...
"Think you mom!"  (thank you?)

Belle's bedroom looks more like the bedroom of a 10 year old child , not a young woman ready for college and a serious relationship.

Billie's raccoon eye makeup is not very cop like ...

Thursday September 5, 2002
Colin tries to explain his expertise in so many fields of medicine by claiming "numerous residencies" ... Sigh!
Speaking of Colin, when Jennifer gives him a massage , he distinctly moans "Havana"(?!)
Perhaps he meant to say heaven or Nirvana? (only the silver bullet knows for sure!)
Colin is always the only doctor in the doctor's lounge - not to mention that Craig and Colin seem to be the only doctors on staff at the busy hospital!!!

Wednesday September 4, 2002
Chloe's wig moves forward every episode and is now a fraction of a centimeter away from entirely covering her eyes!

Billie's laugh sounds like a frightening cackle. Is it intentional ...?

Tuesday September 3, 2002
It is now officially unofficial - Agent Spector has an AUSSIE (Australian) accent. Close your eyes when he speaks and you will hear Colin! (twins perhaps?)

What cause has Celeste to be so RUDE to Tony?! He is not Stephano and has been only kind toward her darling Alexandra! If she doesn't like the house he lives in, she should go live elsewhere ... talk about an ungracious guest! This behavior (ie practically insulting Tony to his face) is rather out of character for refined Celeste, no matter how suspicious she may be. Naughty writers didn't do their homework!

Belle's yelling - someone please tell her that shrieking like an angry 10 year old is not dramatic acting ...

Monday September 2, 2002
Jennifer "approves" Jack's article for the Spectator, like he wasn't the one who trained her in the first place! A tad high handed ...?!

Brandon orders one of the female nurses to take Will to the cafeteria for icecream. Since when was a nurse on duty in a hospital an errand girl/waitress/babysitter/hostess ... ?!

Friday August 30, 2002
Agent Spector suddenly has either a British or Aussie accent! Before that, it was American.
Stay tuned - perhaps next week he'll be Scottish ...?!

Brandon tells Lexie he had an "altercation" with Tony. Not so! An "altercation" is a very strong quarrel (or fight). Brandon did all the angry talking and Tony certainly didn't argue strongly (it was more of a one sided Brandonian rant!)

Thursday August 29, 2002
Victor spends most of his day observing comatose Nicole through her hospital room window and was close enough to rush in right away when her heartrate shot up, so how on earth could Sami not have been seen by him in Nicole's room all that time, when she was standing by the bed?!
He also repeats himself too often these past few days about thinking Sami is responsible for Nicole being hurt - if he really thought so, surely he would have handed Roman, who happens to be close by, a copy of the incriminating tape! Sami is of little use to him so why not simply expose her if he, a supposedly dangerous mob boss,  believes she has harmed his beloved fiancee? Too much hot air!

Why does the Sheriff believe Brady and Philip were stealing drugs ...?!

Last week, Jennifer was fascinated by the book on disassociative states, which she no longer cares about. Jack has read it but she has not, though she is still involved and interested in the Tony DiMera case ... If she cared about the case, keen, independent reporter that she is, she would at least have wanted to read the book herself!

Tuesday August 27, 2002
Abe seeks out Lexie at the hospital, then tells her he wants nothing to do with her and she disgusts him! (HE approached HER to tell her that?!)

Shawn, to Billie "I don't want to thank you for saving my father's life" (?!)

Nico, to Philip, while they are trying to track down Brady
"We hit the chuckpot!" (jackpot?)

Nico and Philip when alone, would be more likely to speak Greek than English!
(with English subtitles, of course)

Monday August 26, 2002
Dr. Colin Murphy is now Tony's physician, blood disease specialist, and Nicole's surgeon!
3 docs rolled into one! (and don't forget, he also finds time to chase skirts around Salem)

If Nicole were truly on her deathbed, she would have better things to do than utter Sami's
name ...

Cassie picked up the electric saw, approached Belle, dropped it, freaked out, then moments later fell asleep on the floor ...(?!)

Given that Bo is deeply in love with Hope, he would not paw at Billie quite so much!

Friday, August 23, 2002
Philip happily tells Chloe he will take her to the Russian Tea Room in New York when
they are there this weekend,
but that famed restaurant is now closed!
Oops! (perhaps the writers should get out more ...?)

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Too many comings and goings of just about any rookies, cops at the station who hang out, make personal phone calls, etc. from the eternally unlocked office of Abe Carver, police commander!

Why don't the writers let Hope call Bo at home, where he will have more privacy?! Lately every scene with Bo at the station ends with "Hope's on the line!"

Tuesday, August 20, 2002
Cop Billie continues to call her mysterious cohort and tell him/her secrets about her plans
but she calls directly from the police station, where all calls are monitored/recorded!


Monday, August 19, 2002
Blooper #1 ...
There are not many books in Dotcom, a trendy Internet cafe, so why would there be a collection of books on the psychiatric profession there...?! And why would Dr. Colin Murphy seek such a book at an Internet cafe instead of a  medical library in the first place!
Furthermore, how convenient that there are so many copies of a specific book on
disassociative states floating around for different characters to accidentally see!

Blooper #2 ...
Jack and Jennifer, intelligent journalists, would not assume to know what an entire book revealed by opening it and reading a few sentences from it in a matter of seconds! They would first read the book!
Blooper #3 ...
Marlena is an educated and intelligent woman with an excellent state of mind, so why would she agree to get involved with Tony and his mysteries after admitting to fearing that he wants to carry out Stephano's threats against she and her husband! Surely she has better things to do with her time ... (considering that she does not yet even know that she and Tony are connected!)
Blooper #4
Brady's angry outbursts. No one wants to see a fully grown man yell at his sweet dead mother

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Blooper ...
When Belle thinks that Mimi has left the Gemini twins alone on the boat, she doesn't let her finish what she is saying and shrieks "HOW COULD YOU BE SO STUPID!!!"
Nice girl Belle would NEVER say such a thing to her "best friend"!!!

False Cliffhanger ...
Brady announces to Marlena and John that what prompted him to apologize to Marlena, what the mystery was .... was his mother ..." There is mysterious music, Marlena and John look full of suspense, and the show cuts to a commercial but when the show comes back, Brady casually explains that he has just been thinking about his mother, and makes no mention of her ghost, as had been implied!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Blooper #1
While sitting with Billie at Salem Place, Kate pushes back her hair too far, revealing that she is wearing a wig - several times!

Blooper #2
While wearing a skimpy top that exposes her midriff, Billie, a fully grown woman, pouts and states she wants Bo to take her seriously as a cop ...

Blooper #3
Bo tells Roman that Billie saved his life at the warehouse ...
Not exactly so! If Billie hadn't disobeyed protocol and showed up, Bo would not have stayed behind to talk to her about her insubordination so he would not have been at the warehouse when the roof fell in the first place! A cop would have realized that.

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