Friday June 20, 2003
A thump on the head to the writers for implying that a powerful woman (Maya)
cannot be normal (i.e. they make her pant after teenage Shawn!) T'would seem the
powerful women in Salem always end up losing their power (i.e. Kate) or just plain
acting strangely! Talk about a double standard! Ken, dahling, we are in the
new millenium ...! Let women have power and run with it, as do the men of Salem!

Thursday June 19, 2003
Victor Kiriakis is a billionaire but his swimming pool is the size of a BATHTUB!!!

Wednesday June 18, 2003
When keeping the body "cool" for storage, Nicole pours ice all over Dr. Rolf's corpse ...
everywhere, that is, except his face! (in reality, that's the first place one would put ice, but the fact that she did not indicates the real, live actor was used in those scenes!)

Speaking of death ... Brady looks like a veritable undertaker in his suit today!

But today's MEGA-BLOOPER is ...

As Philip crawls through the vent of the Kiriakis mansion to spy on Tony, we see
a pair of shoes in the vent ... all of a sudden, someone's hand (from the crew?!)
reaches forward and grabs the shoes out of sight/out of the way as Philip crawls
forward in the now empty, dusty old vent!!! Tsk tsk! (Vin Ramsel's pumps perhaps?!)

Tuesday June 17, 2003
If Brady were scouting the Kiriakis property for places a band could rehearse, why did
he end up in the stables and act like that was the most natural place for him to be... unless, of course, his plans include promoting crooning horses ... the band of the future!

Monday June 16, 2003
Philip, dahling, kindly refrain from talking with your mouth wide open when there is chewed food stuffed in it! Such table manners are not befitting of a Kiriakis!!!

Friday June 13, 2003
So, where is Craig and Nancy's nice send off, hmmm??? So, that's it? Just because they no longer fit in, after all the fun they brought to Salem, that's it? So much for appreciation!

Smart gal Nicole does not even bother to don a wig or attemp to disguise herself when visiting Larry in the slammer and pretending to be his wife, yet she is not worried about being recognized by one of the guards, etc ...? She is the wife of Victor Kiriakis, one of the most high profile men in Salem and she is not worried about being recognized ???!!!!!

Chloe has a lovely voice, but ... enough singing, already, it's not supposed to be a musical!

Thursday June 12, 2003
Why does poor Nicole always have to pucker up with old men? First Vic, now Larry ... Yuck!
Hope the brave dahling gets extra pay for that!

Rex the "genius" can't even tell if Rolf is dead?! DUH!
(that logic blooper courtesy of Michelle)

Wednesday June 11, 2003
Marlena once more storms into the DiMera mansion, accuses Tony of being after her and tells him she wants nothing to do with him ... so, why did she go to his house then!!!!!

Why did the parking attendant want to take Bo and Hope's photo? And why was the jailbird they were after "hiding" with no disguise, among the transvestite waitresses and so many patrons in Club Echelon ... and what was with Hope's Bonnie and Clyde getup??!

With any luck, Tek will follow Chloe out of Salem!

Splash! Philip does seem to be rather addicted to that wetsuit, does he not?!

Tuesday June 10, 2003
Rex's gene pool includes more and more Salemites by the day ...!!! Why not just make
EVERYONE his parent (maybe all of Salem contributed some genetic material!)

Monday June 9, 2003
Were Jack and Jennifer supposed to look like safari wannabes today? And when is
"In the House" finally going to get GONGED ...?

Hope the housewife has a pre-schooler at home and yet yearns to join Bo as a bounty hunter???! What next - Alice Horton a knuckle cracking prison warden ... or Fay a hitman?!

Friday June 6, 2003
Cassie and Rex now suddenly not DiMeras...? WE HAVE BEEN ROBBED!!!!!

Speaking of dropped/changed storylines that make no sense ... When is someone going to
tell Roman to put out an APB on Caprice 'cos the lady just up and vanished and no
one seems to have noticed!!!

Thursday June 5, 2003
Damsel Ramsel is acting might wimpy in Bo's car ... and we are supposed to
feel he is a dangerous criminal ?!

Tuesday June 3, 2003
Tek, ISA agent who works for John Black, senior ISA agent, tells Philip, junior ISA agent,
that maybe it would be a good idea to recruit Belle Black so she can help them ...?!
Problem #1: Why does Tek want to "recruit" his boss' daughter?!
Problem #2: Belle is the most adorable girl in Salem but not exactly spy material ...
Problem #3: Who the heck is Tek anyway!

Monday June 2, 2003
Bo Brady, smart ex-cop, kidnaps Ramsel instead of calling the cops to come and
get him and it doesn't enter his mind that HE is breaking the law!
Speaking of Ramsel ... first he was short, then he suddenly got tall, now he's back
to being short again! Might he have borrowed some pumps from one of the
Club Echelon transvestites ...?! and if so, who is wearing them now?

Friday May 30. 2003
But ... as per the writing of a few months past ... Rex and Cassie's DNA cannot be tested, deciphered, cracked, done, etc!!! Now all of a sudden it can be done ...?!
Perhaps all the writers of past and present should get together for a powow and let
the left foot know what the right foot said, so the storylines, facts and characters
would not be inconsistent from week to week...!
(Hungarian sarcasm, but I'm sure Ken Corday can take it, dahlings!)

Thursday May 29, 2003
Why would the ISA have recruited Philip Kiriakis, a boy who had been arrested in the past, dealt with a loan shark,  and had certain emotional problems ...! Did no one else apply?!

Ok, Vin Ramsel, who still goes by his real name, can afford to pay his 3 or 4 thugs, has a room at the motel forever, and yet he doesn't bother to use his money to get him out of the country before the long arm of the U.S. law gets him????!

Wednesday May 28, 2003
So ... why doesn't Bo just let the cops know where Ramsel keeps strutting around so
they can come and arrest their "fugitive" ??? Not like he's well hidden or anything! He walks around the motel in broad daylight without a disguise!!! Some fugitive!

Tuesday May 27, 2003
Why does Diva Kate suddenly keep acting like a virgin ...?!

Poor Jennifer would have deserved a wedding gown that fit her instead of that second hand baggy dress!

Monday May 26, 2003
Plagiarism abounds in the writing department and today's victim is none other than
Mario Puzo, author of the "Godfather"!
The guilty line ... Lucas, to Vic ... "I'm about to make you an offer you can't refuse!"???!!
What next - ring kissing?!!!! or should we start calling Lucas "Sonny" ...?

Friday May 23, 2003
"Tony must be stopped" is repeated by John and now Marlena ...

Wednesday May 21, 2003
Enough of the parties already! First we have Lexie's baby shower, then Rex's party, now today, Jennifer's party ... and the table and some guests are always the same!

The waiter asks all gals present at Jennifer's bachelorette party what they would like
to drink, but vanishes before bothering to ask Cassie ... and no one - not even Cassie
- seems to notice!

Jennifer stoops uncomfortably and unsettlingly forward whenever walking in those
platforms, so why put her in them?!

Chloe dahling, do get over yourself! How conceited to sigh and frown and complain that
Philip the marine, who even appeared on a dating show recently, has happened by because
he is obsessed with you! You are on your way to becoming a regular Cecilia Marin!!!

Also ... if Brady is so gung ho on Chloe, why does he keep pressuring her to leave town?!

Tuesday May 20, 2003
Tony and Lucas stand up and Tony glances over to the door BEFORE THE DOORBELL
RING IS HEARD ...! (of course, Thaao the magnificent is not at fault here - the technician who inserted the ring sound after the scene was taped is the culprit, not to mention the editor who failed to catch the booboo!)

Brady's off key harmonizing - OUCH!

Monday May 19, 2003
Bo's drink of vodka and raw eggs, which he hardly stirs at all, suddenly turns into
ORANGE JUICE just before he drinks it!!!

Friday May 16, 2003
Seeing as Club Echelon was CLOSED and dark, with a nervous thug inside who looked surprised to see anyone ... HOW DID LUCAS GAIN ENTRANCE TO THE CLUB???!!
i.e. how did he waltz inside so easily, as Tony did not give him a key and there wasn't a
security guard/bouncer in sight!
Writer's blooper!

Thursday May 15, 2003
Seeing as "honesty" is part of the Marine code, why did Philip see nothing wrong with pretending he didn't know the 3 girls when he knew them personally all along! So ... what exactly was the point of the bogus show, then, and why was the press not enraged, as they
would have been in real life ...! Can you imagine if it was discovered that the "Bachelor"
knew all those women as personal friends ...???! Scandalous cheating!

Wednesday May 14, 2003
So, Philip, responsible marine, did not ship out - instead, he decided to ignore his
mother's calls and go on a semi-bogus reality dating show ...? What would Uncle Sam say!!!

Hmmm ... was Belle supposed to look like she didn't mind Philip's passionate

John on the phone supposedly with Ops didn't give Ops - supposedly on the other end - any time to say a word before continuing his "response" to the sentences we are supposed to
believe Ops had spoken! There was only enough time for telepathy between John's fast sentences -unless, of course, the poor dahling is suffering a crise de nerfs (fancy French for breakdown) and there was no one on the other end ...!

Tuesday May 13, 2003
Chloe's mask - any new viewers would think she had SARS ...

Thursday May 8, 2003
In today's baby shower scene, Hope tries to out-gesture the other actresses to such
an extent that she almost wacks Jennifer a couple of times!

Kate tells Roman she has to head back to the office to avoid being fired but not
an hour earlier, she was at the airport, on her way to Rome ...!!!!

Wednesday May 7, 2003
That Cousin It wig, which used to be dumped on Jennifer's head months past,
somehow made its way onto Sami's head today!!!!!

Tuesday May 6, 2003
How would the Salem P.D. know in so short a time that Vin Ramsel had "escaped"??!
He might have gone into hiding nearby, just like loonie Larry, who evaded them just a few meters away for God only knows how long ...!!!! Come on, boys in blue, don't make such assertive statements and give up so easily! What are the taxpayers paying for anyway? To hear them resignedly announce that a fugitive has "escaped" because no roadblocks could find him?

Monday May 5, 2003
Finally Brandon is given a hairstyle that suits him ... but the poor dahling has already been dropped from the show!!! Might viewers have liked him better with this better look? Might he have had a chance ?? Remember, Farrah Fawcett's entire career was based on a hairstyle!

Friday May 2, 2003
Hospital Chiefs of Staff DO NOT tend to walk in patients who wish to have tattoos removed!

Thursday May 1, 2003
Peewee Vin Ramsel looks mighty comical when he tries to grab Chaz by the scruff of the neck and threaten him, considering that Chaz is about twice his size!

Tuesday April 29, 2003
Dahlings ... Tony is no murderer; however, ANDRE is!!! Get the picture?
Now check out our Rumors Page! (link to Home)

Monday April 28, 2003
When John Black lightly taps at the sauna door window, it shakes and rattles, ready to fall apart, yet when he punches it moments later, it doesn't break or even move ...! Perhaps a light tap would do the trick???!!!

Friday April 25, 2003
So, Sami hears from Brandon that Salem is being rocked by earthquakes and pouts because he has to leave ... doesn't she remember that Will, her precious little boy, the most important person in her life, is in earthquake ravaged Salem? !!! TPTB would be better off hiring me to do the show's writing!

Thursday April 24, 2003
Excellent work of Cassie to find kidnapped Rex but WHY DOESN'T SHE UNTIE HIM??!!!
Come to think of it, Rex was brought onto the show with superhuman strength - or have the writers forgotten - so he would have easily escaped by himself!!!

Is Kate trying to impress BATMAN producers with that endless Ertha Kitt (original CATWOMAN) imitation????!

Wednesday April 23, 2003
Surely Rex the GENIUS would know that coal can be transformed into INDUSTRIAL diamonds only, and not the real deal ...!!!

What fool in Wardrobe put that winter hat on Bo while he is exercising INSIDE???!

If Slick Vic is so into promoting Brady's career/improving his life, why doesn't he tell him to shave off that very strange fuzz from his face!

Tuesday April 22, 2003
YIKES! In that sauna scene, with his hair flat and wet, John is the spitting image of Roman!!!

Enough is enough! Let Chloe get out of that damn bed already!

Monday April 21, 2003
That sparkling badge Abe is wearing looks like something from a bubblegum machine! Salem's finest are on a tight budget ...?

Friday April 18, 2003
Kate : "When I tell a man I love him, it's because it's the TOOTH ...!!!" (truth?)
You can chew on that, Roman ...!

Wednesday April 16, 2003
Would someone puleeease tell Roman that his girlfriend's name is "Kate", not "KAY" !!!

Tuesday April 15, 2003
Brady dahling, if you want to be an executive, please TUCK IN YOUR SHIRT!!!

Monday April 14, 2003
Tony's tough guy assistant has a lisp! He approaches Hope to anonymously announce that he has information about that "thuthpect" Bo is looking for!!!

Friday April 11, 2003
So, for how many months now has John Black been walking around, frothing at the mouth, about how he will "go after  DiMera"???!
He'll huff and he'll puff and he'll bloooow your house down!

Thursday April 10, 2003
In today's episode, we hear the words BITCH, PUKE and BUTT !!!!!
such writing is a most unwelcome descent into the sublime ...

Tuesday April 8, 2003
Bo rushes off to catch the bad guys off guard, Roman follows and SLAMS his car door loudly - all this as they are trying not to call attention to themselves ...?!!!

The transvestites continue to abound at Club Echelon, where Victor uncomfortably squeezes into his tiny chair and puts on a brave face whilst meeting with Tony! One imagines these two are not in the least bit pleased about being dumped into a 1970s Leisure Suit Larry Lounge situation - and who could blame them!

Friday April 4, 2003
Hope and Kate friends? Not likely! Not realistic! Furthermore, why is whispery Kate acting so teenie bopperish and what is her new pal Hope so smug about ...? Why don't the writers keep these fabulous actresses IN CHARACTER???!!!

Brady's facial peach fuzz is making a rather unpleasant comeback ... Away! Away, I say!

Thursday April 3, 2003
Why don't any of Salem's college kids have a part time job?!

Wednesday April 2, 2003
At the police station, whilst Commander Abe confers with Roman and Bo, wife Hope and galpal Kate eavesdrop at the door but none of the cops at the station stops them ...???!!!

Tuesday April 1, 2003
Yikes! All the women of Club Echelon look like TRANSVESTITES!!! Does Tony know ...?!
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