WHO IS TONY DIMERA ...? Read on to learn the story of his mysterious and scandalous life!
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Once upon a time, in the Evil World of Dimera, there was a handsome young man, Tony, who was raised in Australia. As an adult, he was summoned by his "father", the evil Stefano, who wanted to train him in
the "family business." Tony Dimera, whose life had been rather uneventful 'till that point, became a charming schemer, falling under the influence of the Phoenix.
Things did not always go smoothly for Tony Dimera. He had a dangerously insane cousin, Andre, who kidnapped him and had plastic surgery so he would look exactly like Tony. Why? Andre was the Salem Slasher, the infamous killer who murdered women and left their dead bodies with a raven feather!
To avoid going on the lam from the police, Andre basically stole Tony's
life, including his beautiful girlfriend Anna, a stunning blonde. The whole time poor Tony was chained in a penthouse room! Nothing lasts forever, however ... Andre's plane ended up crashing on Stefano's island and Andre later fought with Tony. The result was that Andre died in quicksand, though according to "Tony," Andre was saved and then used as a pawn by Stefano, who hated him ...
In later years, Tony found love again, with the beautiful Kristen, his wife, who John Black stole away. Tony never forgave him and a scheme was devised whereby Tony would kill himself and make John Black appear to have murdered him. The ultimate revenge! Poor John was almost executed for the crime and then ever so smooth Tony waltzed back into Salem with
a new story about having been in a coma for years, claiming that it was actually Andre who died, having been duped into killing himself by Stefano who wanted to make it look like John murdered Tony! But of course, nothing is as it seems in the land of the Phoenix ... and DiMeras never die!
Tony dwelled in Salem for a time, got killed by the serial killer, then, due to popular demand, resurfaced on Salem Island and he continued to wreak havoc for all the lesser mortals around him till he was imprisoned ... or was it really Andre, who replaced Tony way back when ...?

But of course it was! As it turned out that was really Andre impersonating Tony
for years as Tony languished on an island. But then Andre got out of prison and Tony was brought back from the island so now both are in
Salem. And Tony and Anna are 2gether!

P.S. Kristen ended up being ditched by John for pretending to be pregnant, then presenting another woman's baby as his. That baby was actually the child of Stefano and Susan, the weird woman and his name was Elvis Junior = EJ!

P.S. Tony/Andre is portrayed by the brilliant Thaao Penghlis!

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